The Right Labels for the Best Promo Gifts

Christmas is approaching with great strides and the old problem is repeated: what to give to relatives and friends? Unfortunately, the commitments are many and often lack the time to go around shops, looking for the right idea. Result? You buy items that most of them already own or, even worse, fall back on trivial gifts.

So why not make personalized photo Keepers?

In this way you will not run the risk of giving duplicates and your gift will be made even more original by your photos.

Take a moment; listen to your emotions and think of this year’s memories. The best moments you have experienced together with a loved one can be enclosed in a photo book or a photo montage or printed on one of our many photos.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the most suitable gift.

For the family

For the mother you could make a photo book with its most delicious recipes, for the father a photo- montage to take photos of the family in the office and for the little ones a nice photo- puzzle to be composed during the Christmas holidays. And let’s not forget grandparents … What do you think of a soft photo clip to make evenings on the sofa in front of the TV more pleasant? From the door gift ideas to the videos, the options are immense.

For friends

A much appreciated gift could be that beautiful photo taken during your last trip, printed on canvas to hang in the living room or office, to make the countdown more pleasant waiting for the next vacation or a personalized photo even with the motto of your company.

For colleagues

A coffee break with a nice personalized photo frame is just what it takes. You could give one to each member of your work team. But if everyone already has his own cup, you can always make a personalized photo agenda or desktop photo tablet. Useful tools for scheduling appointments, marking ideas, inspirations or simple notes.

These are just some suggestions for Christmas gifts that you can create thanks to Album Studio, or directly online by simply clicking on the “Create online” buttons in the pages of our products.

In addition to these ideas that we have selected for you there are also photo album with panoramic opening and many new solutions for decorating the home. You can also have the promotional products available for Christmas.

Among the novelties:

  • You can create panels in Forex by printing your photo on professional photo paper, which is then mounted on 3 mm Forex panels (white) or 6 mm (black). Each panel is supplied complete with hanger ready to be hung on the wall;
  • You can print your photos on a Chroma Lux aluminum panel that enhances the vividness and depth of the photographs and offers lasting support over time.

And if you really cannot decide which gift is the most apt, give the freedom to choose our products in our online shop with a Gift Card.

Now it’s your turn

Visit our home page and have fun creating your gifts, without stress and with all the convenience of online shopping. Find out until you can order them to receive them in time to put them under the Christmas tree.