The best security cameras interior, exterior and night vision

Security cameras and camera systems provide an extra layer of protection for properties, and can act as excellent preventive measures against possible thefts that may exist. In general, we almost always focus on the security of our homes, although any house, garage or lot can be subject to theft. Choosing the best security camera for a home can be a bit complicated, with all the features and endless technical specifications we have to choose from.

What to look for in a security camera

We have researched and analyzed a series of security camera models, to offer you the best options for each type of situation so that you can choose the best option for your home. But first, we bring you some details that you should keep in mind when considering purchasing a security camera for your home.

Although there are security cameras of very different types, almost all share some important features that you should look for when choosing the camera that is most suitable for you:

Image quality (resolution)

A higher resolution means that you will get a better overall picture. Do not settle for less than 720p HD, but if you find a camera with 1080p, you can zoom in and discover more descriptive details such as facial features or license plate numbers. Image quality of a wireless mini spy camera is at its best.

Field of view

The field of vision refers to the width of an angle that the camera can see without moving. This is usually presented as a numerical grade in the technical specifications of each camera. Example: 4k outdoor security camera offers 360 field view.

Motion detection

Motion detection does two important things: it activates the camera to record activity when it detects movement, and sends a notification that something has happened inside the camera’s view. These notifications and alerts can be particularly useful when we have cameras placed on a door and inside the home.

Night vision

A camera with good night vision range will discover more activity in the dark. Look for a camera that has a long range of night vision more than 9 meters indoors and more than 20 meters outdoors) and multiple infrared LED sensors. The more infrared sensors a camera has, the better you can reconstruct images in low light in clear video images.

Sound capabilities

Not all security cameras need to capture sound, but the ability to communicate from a Smartphone with a camera through a bidirectional voice function can be very useful in cameras to monitor children or doorbells.

Supervised security camera systems

If you’re looking for 24/7 real-time protection, the best option is to hire a system of supervised security cameras, adding cameras to a professionally supervised security system. This option, which is recommended in certain cases, strongly requires that someone supervises you so you can alert the authorities on your behalf if there is a theft or other type of emergency.