Compensation Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers: How Do They Differ From Each Other?

There are many reputable Parramatta lawyers, and you may have a hard time differentiating each one of them. You may get confused with their specializations, such as compensations or personal injury cases and divorce law.

Compensation lawyers and divorce lawyers in Parramatta are just some of the most common legal professionals who people often seek for in times of need. On one hand, the former represents Parramatta individuals who suffered harm due to the negligence of another person or entity, especially during unfortunate events such as accidents. On the other hand, the latter represents parties who are trying to end their marital bonds with their husbands or wives, as well as determining the legal implications of doing so, especially in terms of child custody, alimony, and other financial matters. Like any other lawyers who specialize in one or two specific legal areas, they are similar and different in a lot of ways.

Thus, it is worth noting what makes them the same and, at the same time, stress their differences. First, here are the similarities:

  • Both specialties are covered under civil law – Indeed, lawyers for personal injury cases and for divorce cases can be considered as civil lawyers. This is because personal injury and divorce (family) laws are within the wider realm of civil law. In a broader sense, civil law pertains to laws that involve disputes between two or more parties in non-criminal issues. Family matters, as well as injuries and property damage as a result of accidents, are, more often than not, non-criminal issues that are heard in civil courts. Under both personal injury and divorce laws, the problems are resolved through an agreement of the two opposing parties in a settlement.
  • Both lawyers are litigation lawyers – Compensation lawyers and divorce lawyers work on lawsuits, which is why they are known for their expertise in litigation, as well as in alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs). Indeed, they thrive under pressure inside courtrooms, helping their clients achieve their best interests. Although they could be transactional lawyers or those who draft papers to be used for legal purposes, the bulk of their time is usually within the confines of the courtroom during the litigation process.

Now, here are some of the differences between the two lawyers:

  • Their specialties are obviously different – Cases of personal injury usually arise when an individual gets involved in an accident (thus suffering bodily harm and other damages), and that another person or individual is held responsible for what happened. Here, a lawsuit is brought up by the injured individual—the plaintiff—stressing that the other party—the defendant—failed to exercise reasonable care, which caused the former’s injuries and other damages. Once the defendant is found at fault for what happened, the court orders to have him or her pay the plaintiff damages. However, such disputes don’t go to court and would rather be settled informally. Meanwhile, cases of divorce are often brought up by either or both married couples. The court involved not only tries to formally dissolve the couple’s marriage, but also try to determine the custody of their children and, more importantly, the division of their assets that were once conjugal in nature.
  • Compensation lawyers usually take cases on contingency – Divorce lawyers usually don’t. Contingency-based representation basically pertains to the “No Win, No Fee” arrangement, wherein a client does not have to pay his or her lawyer anything if the latter was not able to win a case. Otherwise, the winning lawyer gets to be paid the percentage of what the party receives as compensation.

These are just some of the pertinent similarities and differences of Parramatta lawyers for personal injury and divorce. Knowing the difference between the two can help one a lot in case he or she encounters a certain issue within the family or an issue with regards to his or her health and safety.