Upcoming iPhone Models in 2018 – Expert’s Prediction

Apple generally launches its latest models of iPhone in the autumn of every year. Last year they have launched 3 different models that include iPhones 8, iPhones 8 Plus and iPhone X. Due to this reason, we are also expecting that Apple will also launch three different models in this year.

Here, it is important to understand that Apple has not officially confirmed any of the fact mentioned above. It is just a prediction of our experts. However, our secret source has also confirmed the news. Read on to know about the 3 models that Apple is probably going to launch in September of 2018.

5.8 inch OLED:  This model will be same in design as iPhone X. It is expected that Apple will market this model as iPhone XI or 11.

6.5 inch OLED: It is expected that the model will launch as XI Plus or X Plus.

6.1 inch LCD:  It is expected that the model will be much cheaper than the previous ones. It is also expected that 6.1 inch LCD model will be equipped with features like Face ID facilities, twin camera lenses etc.

So, these are the top 3 models that you can expect that Apple will launch this year for us.

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