Mazda Encourages to Recycle your Vehicle

Mazda has been spreading the awareness across the globe that vehicles need to be recycled, in order to curb down the mass consumption the natural resources. Since decades Mazda has been actively participating in recycling of the automobile parts made of plastic. And now they have moved further by recycling bumpers, campaigning and implementing bumper-to-bumper recycling technology for all the large plastic parts. The procedure will involve reusing the materials of damaged bumpers to manufacture new bumpers.

When we visited the Phoenix Mazda to ask for the same, we got to learn the amazing process in which Mazda recycles the vehicles and works toward saving the environment with wholesome sincerity.

Automated Recycling Technology

Mazda was the first in the world to innovate a vehicle maintenance recycling technology that enhances the environmental preservation by reducing the manufacture of new raw plastic resin for car parts. Instead Mazda uses the same extracted from the used and damaged vehicles to make the new parts like bumpers and other plastic parts.

Recycling Materials

Although Mazda had already secured success in recycling the vehicle materials by extracting them from damaged cars to reuse them for the new ones. At Mazda they use damaged and old bumper materials to use them for making new bumpers. Though the process was at first technically difficult and financially not profitable, Mazda stuck to its aim and finally improvised easier and affordable methods of vehicle recycling.

Mazda now follows a bumper scrapping technology while collecting an increasing number of vehicles that are at their end-of-life stage. These vehicles made recycling easier and less expensive. The result of this is that, Mazda can now cut down on the cost of recycling and witness more success rate in recycling the hard materials especially the ones used required for making new bumpers than procuring new materials.

Improvement of Paint Removal Procedure

Currently Mazda is collecting and then recycling the materials from damaged bumpers, and this response of Mazda in the wake of environmental problems earned the brand a worldwide respect especially in the world of automotive.

In the year 2001, Mazda began the process of removing the car paint that is the cause of deterioration of the vehicle’s mechanical properties. But to use these recycled materials for making new vehicle bumpers made it necessary to improve the level of paint removal procedure to ensure that the recycled bumpers now hold the required quality of surface.

Mazda’s Target of Paint Removal Ratio

We came to know from the Mazda Phoenix dealership experts that the paint removal ratio for materials recycled done through the conventional process counts 98.50 percent, that indicates a 1.50 percent of residual ratio being wasted. This procedure could not process sufficient surface quality that needed to be painted. The requirement for the paint job says that, the content of the recycled material must be lowered to below three percent to meet the criteria. Hence, to achieve the desired 30 percent of the recycled material content, the residual ratio needs to be reduced from 1.50 to 0.15 percent. Only then Mazda can meet its target paint removal ratio of 99.85.

So if you own an old Mazda car, and looking for a new, you would be contributing to this Mazda movement of recycling vehicles and that will be really appreciable.