Most Common Car Care Mistakes We Should Avoid

Owning a car takes a lot of hard work and financial investment that we know, are worth it. But even with this knowledge, there are people who tend to ignore the basic alarms and signals that can lead to a damaging end.

Once a team of mechanical experts serving at the Moscow Chevrolet dealer explained to us how commonly they have found numerous motorists causing harm to both their car and their money, simply by ignoring the important signs their cars warn them about, by delaying or missing their maintenance schedules, not following the basic routine maintenance tasks. There are some car users again whose driving habits are enough to kill their cars much before their retirement is due.

to know if you too are committing the same mistakes, check these  mistakes below:

Checking the Engine Lights

When your car shows an illuminated check engine light, it is indicative of an issue. Ignoring it can lead to serious engine troubles and hence you might have to undergo expensive repairs. So, if you are a car owner or user, every time you see a warning light, you need to check the engine yourself, if you know the job, or else, take the help of a professional, otherwise the issue can negatively affect the fuel economy of your car.

Fluids and Filters

The mechanism of a car is dependent upon many components among which the car fluids play a major role. These fluids are needed for each and every operation of the components while filters keep these parts protected from the debris the fluids pass through. To keep your car in a healthy shape, it is necessary to check the fluid levels on regular basis. Same is with the filters, as they help the vehicles stay fresh and protected from excessive contamination and hence extend the life span of the vehicles.


It is needless to explain the importance of tires in vehicles. So, people whoever use a car need not be explained from a scratch that tires should be checked in regular intervals for their level of inflation and depth of tread. It is sheer common sense that underinflated tires are more susceptible to wear and tear than when they are properly inflated. So, if you want your car to last a lifetime, keep replacing them sooner to avoid its negative impact on performance, gas mileage and above all, safety.

Scheduled Servicing

Skipping the service schedule often is the biggest harm you can cause to your car. Routine inspections are recommended from the manufacturer not for a customary reason, but to make sure, the car keeps running efficiently and you don’t get stranded at the middle of the road because of any sudden system failure.

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Reckless Driving

The experts at the Moscow Chevrolet dealership say, though you cannot control the road and driving conditions, you can surely control your driving habits. For this you need to learn smart driving techniques that would not only improve the fuel economy rates but also prolong lifespan of your car. Aggressive driving habits like quick starts and forceful braking are key reasons that kill your car every day little by little.