If You Have A Google Pixel 3 Then Know How You Can Repair Its Screen!

You are not a superhero that you will never drop your phone, or your phone will not slide from your hand. So, it is snowing common that when you drop your phone, the display screen breaks or cracks. Unlike other smartphones, Google finds it difficult to fix your phone as there are hardly any spare parts to replace your screen or any damaged part.

But as of now, talking about the screen replacement, if you see that your Google Pixel 3 can be fixed with tape or any do it yourself, you do not have to take it to a repair center. You can even refer to Google pixel 3 cracked screen replacement service London. This company works effortlessly and has stood out in working with Google phones.

How can you repair the cracked screen of your Google Pixel 3?

There are three stages where you need to examine your phone and then head to a repair center. So, the construction of a phone is determined from its screen guard. Block in to find all the possible measures that you can undergo when your screen gets cracked:-

Glass Screen Protector

If you own a Pixel 3 Smartphone and that is scratched a bit or has cracks similar to that of a hairline, then you can save it from getting denser by covering the phone with a tempered glass screen protector. If you want your phone to function normally as it did before the crack, then you got to add this protective shield over it. These small cracks worsen with time in your hand.

If you do not pay that care and attention, you will have to suffer a good amount to change the screen display entirely and trust for reviews; it can cost the actual phone’s cost. Tempered glass is more durable and hard. Instead of just taking a plastic film, purchase this one-stop solution of tempered glass and protect your Pixel 3 from any kind of actual screen problems.

Google Preferred Care Plan

Every smartphone is not entitled with support of preferential care like Google does. Google offers an extended warranty program that you can choose at the time of your purchase. Google Preferred Care program is an insurance typology that ensures two years of accidental damage claims. This means if your phone suffers any damage out of any circumstantial accident, then Google will make sure you get the required discounts or services.

If your Pixel 3 has got a crack or shat, all you have to do is send it to Google as soon as possible. Generally, for Pixel 3 and 3XL, the preferential rate covered under is $129. So, it is wise enough that you take this program so that you do not have to suffer a huge amount in terms of repairing the display screen.

Local Repair shop

What can be worse when you drop your phone, break the screen and have not bought Google Preferred Care kit? But do not panic when you perform all such tasks, there are local repair shops. Certain reputed companies deal in repairing Pixel 3 phones or Google phones. You can trust them for some good amount of $270. You cannot perform any do it yourself activities because Google phones are itself limited versions of their spare parts. So, you are not going to demonstrate any minute spare works at home.

Any of the points mentioned above can help you get the type of service you want your Google Pixel 3 phone to witness. But, in any odds, you can always look Google pixel 3 cracked screen replacement service London.