3 Useful Tips to Keep Up the Performance of Your Pickup Truck

Whether it is a new pickup truck you bought recently or own one for years, the way you you’re your truck can foretell its fortune and lifeline. Pickup trucks are known for performing much tougher jobs than the conventional cars, crossovers and SUVs which are driven mainly for hauling people and their luggage at the best. Pickup trucks not only carry heavy goods at their back, but also travel much more as they are the basic tools for a running business that need to transport goods on everyday basis. The roads they travel can be of any type, while some have to specifically make way through the toughest surfaces, where mud, sand and undulated face of lands regularly. All this makes it pretty much obvious, that it is only a sincere follow up of maintenance schedule that can prolong the lifeline of your pickup truck, or else you might have to shell out much big an amount of money to carry on with the tasks that your pickup truck was supposed to help you with.

At the Glenwood Chevrolet dealership service center, we were advised by the team of experts that every pickup truck needs a routine maintenance that can diagnose the problems as soon as they arise and can immediately be addressed before they take an ugly shape. So if you want your pickup truck to be in the best shape for the years to come, here are some basic maintenance tips which you will surely find useful.

Engine Oil and Filter Change

Experts recommend the truck owners to change the engine oil after crossing every 7,500 miles or once in every six months. They also recommend changing the oil even more often if the truck is frequently into the job of towing or carrying heavy loads, or need to drive at low speeds for a long period of time, in cases when it drives often through dusty and off-road conditions, or run on E85 fuel for more than 50% of its traveling time.

Check the Fluid Levels

Apart from the engine oil, one also needs to check the engine coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid and power steering fluid.

Maintaining the Tires

Rotating and checking the air pressures of the tires are essential in truck maintenance routine. It is to diagnose the treadwear and pressure of the tire while the act of rotating the tires on a regular basis improve the gas mileage and prolong the life of the tire keeping them in a good shape.

Clean it Inside Out

The experts at the Chevrolet dealer Glenwood say, cleaning the body of the pickup truck will help you more than a mere shine. It will not only protect the truck body from dirt or dust but will also help the paint stay longer. Cleaning the undercarriage is essential because it carries the most important components of the truck and at the same time is the most vulnerable part to be affected by the dust and dirt.