5 Effective Ways to Market Consumer Electronics Products in Your Store

It’s the era of technology and electronics. Every single person in the world has at least one type of consumer electronics products. Plenty of sales get fulfilled in online channels, physical stores, and social media.

However, online shopping has more sales in 2020, having about 2.05 billion active buyers. What you need is a consumer electronics marketing strategy. Drive more people to your physical store with these five ways.

1. Attract Customers With In-Store Marketing

One of the most common mistakes of businesses is not taking the chance of making visitors go to your store. In-store marketing is reliable for small businesses since it uses physical locations, like a retail store. This type of marketing focuses on engaging with customers to invest in your brand.

In-store marketing can lead to more leads, less waiting time, and so on. To market your consumer electronic products, you need to use these types of in-store marketing. Here are some of the most common types that you should try today:

Bricks & Clicks

The first type is bricks & clicks, offering both in-store and online store experience. Bricks & clicks allow customers to check if an item has stocks before they head on over to your store to buy it. You can reach more customers online since it can reach global consumers.

One of the biggest downsides to bricks & clicks is the costs. You need a lot of cash to maintain both your online and offline stores.

Price Promotion

This type of in-store marketing plays a huge role in attracting customers. Price promotion is when you give coupons, sales, and deals to your customers for a limited time. You can try “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” or “Up to 70%.”

Customer Advocates

A Customer Loyalty advocate is a person or object that promotes your products and brand name. They speak to customers about your brand on behalf of your company. Customers can interact with them to ask questions about your products and also give recommendations.

Product Launch

Get the attention of potential customers by displaying your new launches. Product launch is an in-store marketing strategy that can spike the curiosity of visitors. It’s one of the best ways to get more sales numbers in the first week of a new product.

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2. Tell the Real Story About the Products

Don’t listen to the saying, “Selling the product, not the experience.” Consumers want a product that can solve their issues. Tell your consumers what they want by saying the facts.

Discuss the features and benefits that your product can give for their problem. Tell a story that makes the product sound exciting, but it has to be a truthful story. Lying to your customers can lead to a backlash.

Customers may start seeing your consumer electronics business as untrustworthy. Marketing is all about seeing to believe. Show your product or service and show what it can do while you talk about its features.

3. Join Where Your Customers Are

Social media is one of the most effective selling grounds for consumer electronics. Did you know that globally there are 80.7% of internet users use a social media platform at least once every month? It’s time you boost your online presence to get people visiting your store.

Use popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Start posting about your consumer electronic products and interacting with users. Make sure you lead your consumers back to your store by giving promos and coupons.

Ask your customers to take action, like sharing posts, and participate in events, to get the best deals. You should consider partnering with other brands to make campaigns. It also broadens your boost sales and audience engagement.

Create more visibility for your brand by building your online presence. Make sure that contests and giveaways always lead back to your physical stores. You can also bring social media to your stores by allowing customers to place real-time product reviews.

4. Create A Unified Loyalty Program

If you have both an online and offline store, consider a unified loyalty program. A loyalty program is a great way to grow your online and offline customer base. You can reward customers that have plenty of involvement with your store.

A loyalty program offers incentives for your best and loyal customers. It’s a method to make people keep visiting your stores. Customers will feel important and valued since you remember them for their visits.

Make sure you give unique rewards to only your loyal customers. It shouldn’t be a product or service that everyone can get. You can also offer cash or gift cards to use for your online store.

5. Allow Testers

To erase the doubts in customer’s minds, they have to test the product. Touching the product will not increase the chances of the customers to purchase it. Consider proving to your customers why the product is worth it by letting them test it.

You can let customers test out things like speakers, TV sets, earphones, and so on. As long as the product works well, customers will surely buy it. It lessens the doubt that the product has defects or could potentially be unsafe.

However, you should make sure that after testing your products, they won’t buy them online. Some people will look and test your products, but they may buy them online since it’s cheaper. This action is popularly known as “Showrooming.”

Make sure that after they test the product that you tell them what else it can do. Discuss the extra features and offer them a deal that customers will have a hard time refusing. Give exclusive perks and promotions with access to repair services or extended warranty.

Ways to Market Consumer Electronics Products in Your Store

Your consumer electronics products will surely fly off the shelves if you use these methods. Improve your offline presence by improving your in-store marketing and customer experience. Always tell the truth about your products and let your customers have a taste them.

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