5 Things to Consider When Designing a Closet

You’re on the runway and strike a pose. You are feeling yourself. Photographers snap photos of you as you look so elegant.

You wake up from the daydream and are snapped back to reality. You look at yourself in the mirror and only wish that weren’t a dream.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? They say when you look good you feel good.

Let’s take one step back. When you have a closet that speaks to you it only makes the process that much richer. That’s why designing a closet with style and functionality is vital.

Read our guide to find the best tips and tricks for your custom closet.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Heights

When organizing your closet space, don’t be afraid to go up. When you go vertical in design, you are doing yourself a huge favor. Use all of the available space at your disposal.

Every inch counts from the ceiling to the floor. Be creative with your space when it comes to closet design. Can you use bins, shelving units, and other boxes for all your storage needs?

2. Light It Up

A quality lighting source is key. Natural windows are good, but they can take up the necessary space. If you want to illuminate things, look to fluorescent lighting.

When you are fully lit, you will know with certainty how your clothes look and feel. Position your lighting correctly and have it be between you and your items. You don’t want to create a shadow on things.

3. Eye Eye Captain

When designing a closet, have a frequency of use in your mind’s eye. Think about what gets the most mileage out of your wardrobe, and go from there. Items like socks and underwear ought to be right in line with your eyesight.

For the clothes that get used left often, you can store them above or below. Remember that organization is key. Even though things may be used less often, we still want to remember where they when we do need them.

4. Sharing Is Caring

If you are in a relationship, this one is for you. When sharing closet space, keep in mind the needs of your partner. Each sex will require certain needs depending on their wardrobe.

Men will need space for their accessories such as ties as belts. Women will need space for their jewelry and purses. The storage of these items differ and is important to keep in mind.

Work with each other to create a semblance of space with mutual respect. Why not get creative with these swinging door hinges for his and hers?

5. Floor Fads

It’s easy to forget the floor—don’t do it. There are many options for your feet.

For maximum comfort, a carpet will do. Your tired toes will thank you for it. While comfortable, it may not be the easiest to tidy or vacuum.

Wood or vinyl is best for an easy clean. Avoid cedar because it will have neighboring rooms smell. Go a different route to keep moths at bay.

You’ll Dress for Success After Designing a Closet

Designing a closet is a fun and rewarding experience. Once completed, you can enjoy all that you have accomplished.

You will notice the subtleties in enjoying your clothing that much more. No longer will you have to daydream about that runway scenario. People will take notice of your confidence and charm.

For even more fashion tips, be sure to follow up on our fashion blog. Get ready to kick your wardrobe up a notch!