7 Creative Restaurant Design Ideas People Are Loving in 2021

Are you reinventing your restaurant interior design to match the turn of the year? Do you want to revamp your restaurant with a new and stylish design?

Don’t settle for the cheapest paint or first set of furniture you see. There are many factors to consider before you can reinvent your restaurant’s design. The good news is we’re here to help for Home-Based Business.

Check out our list of creative restaurant design ideas that Resilient People are enjoying in 2021.

1. Cozy Rooftop Dining

If you’re lucky enough to have a view, take advantage of it. Open your rooftop to diners who want to bask in the early morning sun as they eat brunch. Or give it to diners who want a romantic night out after months of staying locked in their homes.

Rooftop bars and restaurants are attractive to diners in these post-pandemic times. Keep it well-lit for night-time dining and shaded for daytime use.

Do you want to learn the answer to the question of what lights do restaurants use? Click the link to see what kind of lights will best suit your new restaurant design.

2. Design Your Establishment in Support of Local Artists

The decline caused by COVID-19 has put many restaurants and Business Trends in a hard place. Yet, remember that the food industry isn’t the only one that got hit. Even local artists are likely experiencing some tough times today.

If you want to help them get back on their feet, commission them to do your restaurant interior design. Ask them to do a piece on a feature wall. If you want removable designs, have them paint or draw on a canvas, plates, or wooden boards.

You’ll draw in art-savvy customers and diners. In return, you’ll be promoting their work. If you’re looking for a casual restaurant interior design, using art is always a good choice.

3. Incorporate Greenery for a Refreshing Atmosphere

If you want restaurant design ideas that will look and feel refreshing, add greenery to your interior. Adding a few plants is an okay step. If you want to take a big step forward, add lots of greenery to your restaurant.

As you know, plants promote healthy air indoors. They can also make the area feel more invigorating. Having bright and green plants in your restaurant can make diners feel that your food is fresh, too.

If you don’t have space on the floor, hang the plants above the diners. If that isn’t enough, then put them up against a wall. Don’t forget to adjust your lighting to complement the plants.

4. Keep Everyone Isolated With Dining Pods

Despite an almost year-long awareness of it, everyone is still careful to lower coronavirus risk. One of the trends that are popular with COVID-19-wary diners is the dining pod. Instead of sitting in a booth surrounded by plastic walls, guests sit in a pod all to themselves.

It’s great for restaurants with a lot of outdoor space. Put up these pods around tables and chairs to keep guests isolated. It’ll be like eating in a see-through igloo but during the early spring and summer. The pods also offer a bit of privacy from other diners.

While these dining pods offer good protection from unwanted coronavirus carriers, they have high maintenance. You must ensure that each pod has good ventilation. After each group of diners leaves, you also need to clean and sanitize the pods well.

5. Open Your Restaurant to Drive-in Diners

It seems that time is taking a backward turn with the revival of drive-in dining. Open half of your parking space as a drive-in dining area to keep people from crowding. It also offers an experience that old and new generations will enjoy.

Plus, thanks to the tech that we have today, you can make it super easy for the crew and customers to communicate. You can set up an app, call-in service, or online ordering system to take orders. You can even set up a screen projector pointed at a wall on your establishment to feature a drive-in cinema vibe.

You can even set up an outdoor restaurant bar for diners who want to enjoy their meal with a drink. If you’re using a 50s vibe, make sure your outdoor restaurant bar design matches it. Use this chance to apply some funky add-on designs and lighting to your establishment.

6. Create a Spot for Designated Pick-Up Lockers

Have you had to change the way you serve your customers to follow COVID-19 safety regulations? Do your customers now have to pick up their food from a designated area before they can sit and enjoy it? If yes, then it’s smart to design a pick-up area that functions and looks great.

It’s not enough to set up a spot where customers can grab their meals. You can improve the experience by making the pick-up spot comfortable and beautiful. Add chairs where diners can sit in a distanced line while they wait for their meals.

Unsure about how well your new system is going? Enter and exit your restaurant in the shoes of your customers and check where you can make improvements. Don’t forget to change your restaurant seating design to accommodate the flow of guests.

7. Go Classic or Modern-Classic

Getting stuck at home for a few months can get people to miss the classic restaurant dining experience. If you want to give it back to them, revamp your restaurant to look like an old-school yet beloved resto. Playing on nostalgia and adding a modern twist can attract more diners to your venue.

For a small restaurant design, going with a classic design is a great way to add a welcoming effect to it. Cover your tables with checkered tablecloths for a pizzeria look. Don’t forget to add a lot of natural elements like wood into the interior.

If you want a modern-classic look, keep the squares but add new patterns. Keep elements of the old fixtures in the restaurant but add a minimalist style. This design concept is an awesome choice for those who want a trendy and simple yet nostalgic feel.

Take Advantage of These Restaurant Design Ideas

That’s the end of our seven creative restaurant design ideas.

The interior design of a restaurant is a factor that influences customer satisfaction. The comfort it offers adds to their overall acceptance of your restaurant. Thus, you must ensure that the interior always pleases and suits customer preferences.

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