5 Tips on Displaying Trophies and Awards at Home

Trophies and awards represent some of the most rewarding moments in your life (or in your child’s life!). However, displaying them can be troublesome and challenging to figure out.

You don’t want to have an entire room dedicated to your success. So, how should you display these keepsakes in your home without it being overdone? Continue reading for some tips on how to display trophies and awards in an appealing fashion.

1. Display Trophies on Unique Shelving

Boring, old shelves on walls may be the first thought you have when it comes to displaying your awards and trophies. There are so many different unique shelving ideas that you can use to display them that is pleasing to the eye without being tacky.

You can create unique shelving by using reclaimed wood or even wooden boxes. In a child’s room, you can construct shelving that will fit above the windows. This will keep these keepsakes out of reach while still being displayed for everyone to admire.

2. Consider Using a Bookshelf for a Trophy Display

A simple bookshelf may be the answer to your trophy displaying problems. Bookshelves can be inexpensive and the shelves can be adjusted to fit any trophy sizes.

You can use the top few shelves for trophies and awards while using the lower shelves for books or additional storage.

3. Purchase a Custom Display for Your Trophies

If you want something a little more visually-pleasing than a plain bookshelf, you can buy a custom glass display case. While it may cost more money to get it done, it will preserve your sentimental trophies for years to come.

4. Professional Framing for Awards

Whether it is a diploma, certificate, or award, they are highly sentimental and you want to have them displayed on the wall of your office or den. How can you do this without having them deteriorate in the coming years? Have them framed by professionals.

Professional framing is a way to ensure that your paper certificates are preserved for years to come. These professional frames will look great on a wall dedicated to your achievements.

5. Get Plaques Made for Awards & Certificates

For your most distinguished awards and certificates, you can have plaques made at Trophyman.com to tie all of your awards together. Award plaques can be made to accompany the aforementioned professional frames that you’ve had done for awards.

You can even have trophies and awards made by the same company that makes these plaques. For example, you can create a fully customizable mascot award(check it out) to give to members of a team who show great sportsmanship.

Trophies and Awards Displays Don’t Have to Look Tacky

There are so many ways that you can incorporate your trophies and awards into your current living space. You don’t have to have an entire room dedicated to trophies, as it is a little tacky and dare we say, a bit overboard.

Having a specific wall, shelf, or display case for your trophies is sufficient enough to proudly display your trophies.

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