Kavan Choksi Discusses the Business Opportunities During Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

Japan is renowned across the world for having highly specialized and unique domestic markets. Such markets exist as a result of domestic businesses that recognize and fulfill the demands of the Japanese consumers. Kavan Choksi mentions that many Japanese businesses operate solely in the internal markets owing to the fact that the services and products offered by them are highly targeted at a unique consumer base. This consumer base may not always exist outside the domestic sphere. Japan’s cherry blossoms, or ‘sakura’ that bloom during the early springtime additionally offer a wide range of Japan-only opportunities for both domestic and international businesses.

Kavan Choksi briefly talks about the business opportunities that crop up in Japan during sakura season

The springtime arrival of the sakura is a huge deal in Japan. In fact, its meteorological office has a service dedicated to forecasting the first blooms. There are daily reports about the cherry blossoms on the national news of Japan, and festivals are held in their honour across the country. Limited edition “sakura” goods are also produced during the time, especially for the season. A large number of well-established businesses, including MNCs, even alter their designs and operations to meet the increased demand for sakura related services and products.

For centuries, the blossoming of cherry blossom or sakura trees across Japan has been not just looked upon as a sign of springtime, but it is also considered to be a symbol of new beginnings and the fragility of life in the country. To make the most of this short-lived but quite enchanting time, people belonging to varying parts of Japan gather to open spaces and parks to hold ‘hanami’ parties or ‘watch the flowers .’Over the decades, hanami has become an extremely crucial part of the Japanese culture. During this time, family and friends come together and host sakura-themed picnics, parties, and BBQs under the branches of the cherry blossom.

As per Kavan Choksi the short-lived Cherry blossom season also implies to big business for companies that can take advantage of the timing and sell limited-edition and sakura-themed products. In the current times, both international and domestic brands in Japan use sakura season as a means of boosting brand recognition and increasing sales by adjusting their marketing strategies. They align their marketing strategy with the theme of Hanami, and present their goods as an once-in-a-lifetime deal that effectively matches the transience of the season. For instance, In Japan, bottles and cases of a much popular soft drink brand become adorned with pink sakura blossoms as winter turns into spring. They also have marketing slogans to perfectly capture the spirit of the season, which plays a major role in boosting sales.

No matter whether it is the big brands or more niche companies, the cherry blossom season in Japan brings about very distinctive opportunities that no business can afford to miss out on, especially in the competitive contemporary landscape. The time for renewal in Japan can also provide a new boost to its business, and help it to expand its reach.