What you need to Know about Vape Mods

Not all vaping devices are made equal. Vape mods are the latest thing in vaping. Vape mods are much bigger and bulkier than the regular vape pens. The battery life of a vape mod lasts for a long time as compared to that of a vape pen.  You can also refer to vape mods as “mechanical vape mods.” Vape mods are more powerful than vape pens and can produce more vapor. The operation of a vape pen and that of a vape mod is practically the same. In this article, we discuss on some of the different types of vape mods and also how to find that perfect device depending on your situation.

Pen Style Mods

Just from the name, these types of vape mods are shaped to resemble a pen and are cylindrical in shape. The construction of the pen style mod is quite simple and consists of a battery that has a firing button, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer. Pen style mods are the most common types of vape because of their simplicity. Ex-smokers prefer the pen style mods because they remind them of the shape of the old traditional cigarettes.  The single battery that is in these mods makes the mod to be typically lower in wattage. If you are looking for a device that resembles a smoking experience, is affordable simple and has low wattage then the pen style mod should be in your bucket list. Visit top websites on vaping to know more about the best rated ones.

Pod Mod Systems

These systems take the pen style mods to the next level. Pod mod systems are a new generation that is based on ultra-simplicity, i.e., they accept a pre-filled or a refillable pod that can easily be popped into a device. Unlike other vaping devices, these pod mods are built for ultimate compactness and can be easily carried in a pocket or a purse. If you are looking for a vaping device that is small and lightweight, discrete and non-bulky and a device that is a great travel companion, then make sure you buy the Pod Mod Systems

Box Mods

These types of mods are larger in shape as compared to both pen mods and pod mod systems. Unlike other mods, box mods are a bit bulkier. The box style of these mods allows them to fit up to 4 batteries. This, in turn, results in a longer usage duration. These mods have some internal circuit boards that ensure that the device will not misfire.

Customer Review

Before purchasing a vape mod, it is essential first to read the reviews from the different vaping platforms online. There are various advantages of reading reviews before buying any device online. It is by reading reviews that you get to know how a different customer experience of using the product. Another advantage of reading the reviews of a vape mod will make you know the price of the vaporizer and make you buy the best rated ones.