Learning To Become An Acoustic Consultant

Acoustic consultants control sound. Their work is all around us; it’s one of those jobs that few people know about but is extremely gratifying for those who find their way into it.

Every building will generally have an ideal acoustical environment, and an Acoustic Consultant’s job is to make sure that buildings and spaces are constructed to minimize noise disruption while still being able to create a unique position. Their job has an impact on how we live our lives by ensuring that undesired noise levels are kept to a minimum in our homes, offices, and outdoor spaces. If you’re in London and are looking for an acoustic consultant, check out services for a noise survey near London.

What is the role of an Acoustic Consultant?

In general, the purpose of an Acoustic Consultant is to examine and resolve noise and vibration issues. These sound professionals will typically work as part of a specialized team, employing specialized equipment and methods to:

  • Monitor and evaluate noise sources
  • Assist in the design of performing arts spaces,
  • Guarantee that sound levels are within statutory limits
  • Where there has been a complaint, offer suggestions for potential solutions

So, if you enjoy problem-solving, this is the job for you.

Where do Acoustic Consultants work?

Acoustic consultants are employed by professionals such as architects, sound designers, marine conservation trusts, construction crews, and lawyers across a wide range of business sectors. They provide advice on the design of homes, offices, schools, and hospitals; supervise the design of highways and airports; assist in mitigating the impact of underwater projects on marine creatures, and ensure that music venues have the best possible sound environment.

Acoustic Consultants can be brought in to create solutions where there may be noise pollution, which is a significant issue with the amount of building rising up in towns and cities around the country, as well as at the site of construction. They also collaborate with legal teams to settle conflicts.

In brief, an Acoustic Consultant’s job is to assist maintain our environment by making sure our homes, businesses, outdoor spaces, and even entertainment venues are comfortable places to live, work, and play.

What credentials are required?

Academically, the following are the minimum entry requirements:

  • 5 GCSEs in grades 4-9 or C-A*, comprising English, Math, and a Science
  • 2-3 A-Levels, including Physics and Mathematics

There are two basic ways to enter this profession:

  1. Higher Education – The Institute of Acoustics suggests that students obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the following subjects:
  • Maths
  • The study of physics
  • Inventive+ paraphrase
  • The study of acoustics

Presently, the University of Salford, the University of Southampton as well as Southampton Solent University all offer specialist Acoustics and Acoustical Engineering degrees; for more information, contact UCAS or the Institute of Acoustics.

Another option is to pursue a degree in Music Technology or Environmental Science. However, before applying for specific on-the-job training, you would need to complete another degree, such as an MSc in Acoustics.

  1. Apprenticeship – You may also choose to be an Acoustic Consultant by working in a Higher Apprenticeship; these technical positions are available online, but you will require additional training to become a fully qualified consultant. A level or equivalent qualifications, including Maths and Science, are required to qualify for such an apprenticeship.

Regardless of how you got into this field, many employers will want you to get a diploma from the Institute of Acoustics. This specialized training allows for Corporate Membership in the industry’s regulatory organization, as well as high-level instruction in real-world scenarios.

What essential skills are required?

This is more than just a technical position. Given that you’ll be joining skilled teams and working with professionals from a wide range of disciplines, you’ll require a diverse set of abilities. As you can see, this is an incredible opportunity and one in which you may find much success.