What You Can Learn From The Devil Wears Prada

Have you watched The Devil Wears Prada?

If not yet then definitely watch it pretty soon because you are missing out on some important lessons in your life and career.

Meryl Streep who plays role of Miranda Priestly has portrayed not only a brilliant but also an iconic role. Backed with an equally inspiring role of Andy Sachs which is played by Anne Hathaway. But, you cannot simply miss-out on Miranda Priestly and her traits.

She is one woman who can bring you nightmare in broad daylight. It has been years to the movie but I bet if you watch it even today for the nth time you feel captivated by her presence(not in the wrong way). But, you can definitely sense a smell of feminism, bossiness and a legend.

She’s classic and at the same time unpredictable (sounds like weird combination but true!)

Well, although you are not much into fashion but in a completely contrasting field but you can surely learn how to go about with your business.

Here are some simple yet effective business lessons that she can teach you throughout the movie:

#1-Know Yourself

In initial few scenes itself, Andy gets interviewed by the Queen Bee herself – Miranda priestly. The strangest part of the interview is that she starts speaking about her presence in a field in which is seldom interested.

The truth is that she lacked confidence in her career map and purpose. Unlike her, you must know that who are you and your potentials. You should be prepared with an elevator pitch because your big opportunity may drop on your way any moment. You should be capable of give them a glimpse of your professional skills in a jiffy.

As an entrepreneur, it is very much necessary for you to have a clear idea about your needs and pitch them to clients in short.

#2-Dare to be Different

If you have watched the movie you would definitely remember the lines -Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking? The designers conveniently picked floral for their spring issue of Runway which were quite boring and cliché.

If you wish your business to stand apart from others then you surely must pick atypical signature style to run it, right from the scratch. For instance, when it comes to financial crunch every business adopts additional financial loan from banks.

On the other side, an entrepreneur can choose the alternative finance option which is comparatively easy to acquire and repay simultaneously.

Irrespective of whether you belong to the field or not, all such decisions cumulatively give your business a distinctive personality one which is unbeatable just like Miranda Priestly!

#3-Just Google it

As a budding entrepreneur, you may have multiple questions about business and its functioning. There are some which can be answered by your mentor or knowledge and others by your experience.

But, there are handful of minor hurdles which can eliminated by simply surfing online or through Google. It is smart to make an optimal use of the digital world and have answers to questions before hand.

Just like Miranda expected Andy to know some basics about fashion industry when she came for interview.

#4-Get Going

When you start a business or own it, remember that there is nothing which is impossible. In fact, achieving the impossible makes you precious. If you think that a particular client is hard to deal with there is always a way out. You just have to put efforts and find a way for it.

In the movie also when Andy lands in troublesome situations she deals with them and Miranda plays a huge role in this process.

If you think hard and in a manner that your job depends the outcome of the situation, you surely are going to find a lucrative solution.

The simplest and best example is when Andy moves across the room with small steps Miranda asks her to move at a faster pace.

In process of finding a solution you should not be stuck to a prolonged waiting phase. But, in reality, you have to start walking to reach somewhere. The same is with business, if wish to start one, you have to launch it then promote it and reach the right audience.

Life is short so move fast.

#5-Check your Priorities

During the movie, you may notice that Andy constantly fails at setting her priorities. She struggles to manage her new job, responsibilities associated with it, Miranda, her relationship with her boyfriend, her purpose and happiness.

A successful entrepreneur masters the skill to prioritise all things and hence they are content in all walks of life. You can start small by prioritising tasks in your day-to-day life based on which tasks should be done first and which can be done the following day.

You can also do the same with your relationships. Some individuals are baffled whether to prioritise you, family or friends.

#6- Being Irreplaceable

One thing that Miranda Priestly guarded and prioritised was the power she had. Towards the end of movie, every first time viewer starts believing that she’s going to fall for adversities occurring behind her back.

But, it was a surprise for every viewer to know that she is irreplaceable. Similarly, you need to find qualities in your business that cannot be replaced by your contemporaries.

It can be one exceptional service or product attribute that cannot be attained by the rest. This way, you will never grow worrisome about your business or competitor’s activities. Because you know for a fact that no one is you and that is your strength.

If you have not noticed all these elements in the movie make sure that you note them the next time it’s aired. Besides, these there are varied other aspects that both Miranda and Andy portray in form of their personality traits as the story evolves.

The Devil Wears Prada surely gives you versatile life lessons which are important and helpful in life. The devil surely wears a lot along with Prada. It’s worth watching once!