A Look Into the Life and Legacy of Jeff Cooper

The man, the myth, the legend: Jeff Cooper. Began shooting at 11 and is now known for creating modern gun shooting and defensive techniques. While many people don’t know about him, anyone who has grown up around guns is aware of who this man is.

For those who aren’t aware, or are looking for a refresher, it’s time to dive in to know more about Jeff Cooper. Who he was, his famous quotes, and the legacy he left behind. You don’t need to be a gun enthusiast to be informed, just willing to learn about someone new.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Who Was Jeff Cooper?

Jeff Cooper was a United States Marine and created the “Modern Technique” of handgun shootings. He’s someone that pretty much anyone with some knowledge of history and interest in handguns will know. After all, Jeff was one of the 20th century’s most well-known experts on the history and use of handguns.

Although a private man, he was never afraid to speak his mind.

History of Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper was born in LA in 1920. From a young age, he was interested in firearms, starting to shoot guns at eleven years old. He attended Los Angelas High School where he joined the R.O.T.C.

His interest in politics must have been planted in him from a young age because he attended Stanford and majored in Political Science. Around that time he also joined the Marine Corps Basic School as an honor graduate and spent a handful of years in the Pacific War.

After resigning from his commission there, he signed up for Korea. Once Korea ended, he returned to being a civilian. Jeff Cooper was a deeply conservative man and took any opportunity to speak his mind about his political viewpoints.

If there’s one thing Jeff Cooper is particularly famous for it’s his invention of ‘practical pistol competition’ which later transformed into the Modern Technique of the Pistol. This is described as a sensible way to use pistols for self-defense.

After that, Jeff traveled the world and studied the modern technique thoroughly. He traveled everywhere from the growth hacking expert philippines to Africa. He was a highly educated man, returning to earn a master’s in history at the University of California.

Once his children left the home, he and his wife moved to Arizona and founded the American Pistol Institute which is now known as Gunsite Academy. After that, he wrote numerous books and served on several associations and counsels.

He passed away when he was 86 in his home.

Jeff Cooper Quotes

Another thing Jeff Cooper was famous for was his quotes. Some of the best Jeff Cooper quotes are known by gun enthusiasts around the world. Let’s look at three of his best quotes.

“A smart man only believes half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half”

“Blessed are those who, in the face of death, think only about the front sight.”

“The one who anticipates the action wins. The one who does not, loses.”

Many of Jeff Cooper’s quotes are about politics, democracy, and the right to bear arms. He challenges the idea of government and urges citizens to carry firearms to protect themselves and their families.

Jeff Cooper Legacy

Jeff Cooper left behind a huge legacy.

The biggest legacy has to be his Modern Technique of The Pistol. This technique continues to be taught throughout the U.S. to this day. His numerous books and famous quotes are part of that legacy as well.

Modern Technique of The Pistol

In 1991, Jeff Cooper and a buddy named Gregory B. Morrison wrote the book The Modern Technique of the Pistol. This made waves in the firearm community. Essentially, this is a method of using small arms for self-defense.

Specifically, it discusses using a two-handed grip on the pistol and bringing it to eye level so you’re able to aim at the target. Although the book was written in 1991, Jeff Cooper was using this technique since the 50s. He was inspired by other shooters like Mike Rousseau and Jack Weaver.

There are five main elements to the modern technique:

  • You can use any gun but a large caliber pistol is preferred.
  • The Weaver stance. This means gripping the pistol with two hands and positioning yourself in a walking stance.
  • The presentation. This allows a shooter to get on target quickly and accurately.
  • The flash sight picture. This is a way to have precise target placement.
  • The compressed surprise trigger break. This is a trigger press technique to help shoot the target accurately while applying smooth, gradual pressure on the trigger.

If you’re interested in defensive shooting techniques, be sure to do your research on the modern technique. Following these five elements will train you to be a better defensive shooter who has impressive agility and awareness.

Some other famous books that are part of Jeff Cooper’s legacy include Principles of Personal Defense and The Art of the Rifle. Both of these books don’t stray far from Jeff’s usual talking points but they continue to be praised by gun lovers to this day.

The Importance of Jeff Cooper

Not many people leave this Earth with a unique legacy to their name. Jeff Cooper revolutionized modern gun shooting and defensive techniques. It was clear from a young age that he’d be a gun enthusiast.

Even after his passing, his Modern Technique methods are still implemented in firearm classes throughout the United States. He left behind an impressive collection of books as well as multiple famous quotes. Even though Jeff Cooper is no longer around, he has left behind a legacy.

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