Trendiest Ballerina Nails This Year

The most talked about, and the hottest thing in the nail industry now is the ballerina nails. Well, if you are in the dark when we talk about ballerina nail designs, let us explain this to you. The ballerina nails, also called coffin nails, are inspired by the shape of ballerina shoes. That is where the name comes from.

Now that we are reading on the same page lets now look at different ballerina nail design available for you. There are many variations for you to choose from, so don’t worry that you won’t get the right one for. Browse down to see some of the best ballerina nails available for you to choose.

  1. Almond Nails

This is an almond design, but the tips aren’t. The ballerina nails tips are made flat and mimics the square nails. In case you have long and slender fingers, you should go for this shape. You can start by applying a coat to the nails using your most preferred color. You will give you nails that break from the monopoly of round nails.

  1. The French Manicure

Ballerina nail designs look exciting with a French manicure. The dominating tip of the nail is eye appealing when you shade it in a different color. You may shun away from conventional white and pink combo and opt for other shades such as blue or black to get a dramatic edgier look.

  1. Cute and Extravagant

Hey, cuties, this is what you have been looking for. A cute, simple yet an extravagant nail design. This nail design utilizes the regular sequins, rhinestones and many other objects such as studs. Start by drawing a pattern using a pencil and attach the blingy pieces along a motif. No, don’t you think that is ridiculously unique and admirable?

  1. Crazy and Young

Well, if you have been looking for something crazier and at the same time young, this nail design ends your search. Each nail is highlighted in a unique style, and we all love each nail design. It is a style of a person obsessed with ballerina nails, and who are we to blame them and we surely love it? With abstract patterns, stones, and shimmer the style is given great sophistication and style. If this is the style that will make you fully exploit your creativity, go for it dear!

  1. Flowers and Springs

This is a mimicker of a perfect garden. The artist of this nail design seems to have utilized all her creativity for coming up with this super cute and awe-inspiring nail design. The floral patterns are lovely. Besides, the purple nails accentuated with rhinestone was her cleverest idea.

  1. Elevated Acrylic Roses

This nail art design is awesome. Rather than using plain brown shade, the artist used elevated acrylic roses over a slight transparent base to give this design a glamorous look.