What Are The Proven Ways To Obtain More Google Reviews For A Business

Google reviews are very important for any local SEO. It is a great means to show their worth. You will also find that it is the most affordable methods to drive sales leads to business and obtain trust in your geographic region. We are listing a few ways that would definitely help your business to obtain more Google reviews easily.

How significant are Google reviews in making a buying decision?

Any ordinary online buyer tends to look for a product that has got at least 4or5 stars rating. A product that fails to meet this criterion would not be seen as a valuable product and so would not be considered for a purchase. Thus, product rating holds immense significance when it comes to determining a good or not so good product and buying it.

Another important thing that you need to consider is that a product that manages to get 4 or 5 star ratings will get maximum views from its customers. Other products who have got lesser ratings won’t be viewed that much so the chances of buying it will be less. Thus, Google reviews serve as a deciding factor and a business should learn about how to get Google reviews to reap its advantages.

What mistake that people make in their marketing strategies?

Reviews help in filtering out people instantly. If you find that reviews and star rating are positive, more and more people will call and click into your website. Many people fail to understand the importance of reviews and completely focus on logo design. They put all their time and budget on improving their website and neglecting the power of reviews on Google business listing. This is what deprives them to experience the magic of reviews for the success of their business.

So how to obtain more Google reviews?

Asking For Google Reviews

Take each and every opportunity to ask an online buyer to review you. These are the ways by which you can get reviews.

  • Ask post completion of a job
  • Ask the recent customer you have interacted with
  • Ask via an email
  • Ask at the time of sending a bill
  • Ask at the time of concluding a conversation on the call

Showing them the right way to leave a review

Most of the customers do not know the right way to post a review. It is important for a business to educate them how to write a review properly. The more business will be keen in doing it, the more it will get benefitted by it. The right way is to show a customer to sign into Google. Navigate to the business listing present on Google to write a review using Google review link.


Every business wants to benefit by Google reviews. Looking at their importance, there is no doubt that they will serve as a key contributor towards attracting new business in 2018 as well. All these tips will surely enhance the number of reviews that your business gets and make the best use out of it.