The Best Industrial Storage Containers of 2021

It’s a fact of life—you need to store stuff.

It can’t be helped. There’s always a need to store something against a later need.

But if your business is more industrial in nature, totes and cloth storage bins from Bed Bath & Beyond just won’t cut it. You need something heavier duty, with greater durability and storage capacity.

Industrial storage containers come in all different shapes and sizes. More importantly, they work for different applications. Whether you need metal shipping containers for dry goods, or flammable cabinets for paint, or giant drums and tanks for liquid storage, there’s something for everyone.

The Best Industrial Storage Containers of 2021

There are different kinds of containers for different industrial applications. So whether it’s paint storage, liquid storage, or merely storage for miscellaneous dry goods, there’s a container for your needs.

Okay, so let’s take a look at some of the best types of storage containers.

1. Industrial Plastic Storage Containers

Industrial plastic storage bins are on the lesser side of the industrial storage scale.

Plastic, for obvious reasons, isn’t suited to heavier-duty storage purposes. Nevertheless, there are strong plastic industrial storage containers, like Quantum cross-stack tubs, or attached lid containers (ALCs). These containers are durable and stackable to save space.

2. Industrial Metal Storage Containers

Metal containers are something else entirely.

Even if you’re not in the business of transcontinental shipping, metal shipping containers make for an excellent storage option. The beauty of using these storage containers is that they are designed for the storage and transport of goods, and they come in a number of different sizes.

3. Industrial Paint Storage Containers

The options for paint storage are somewhat different.

According to OSHA regulations, you need a flammable storage cabinet. These cabinets come in many different sizes, and of course, they are perfect for the storage of any kind of flammable liquid or aerosols.

CONDOR and JAMCO produce excellent flammable cabinets with powder-coat finishes.

4. Industrial Liquid Storage Containers

Storing paint and dry goods is one thing, but what if you require liquid storage?

Well, there are plenty of good storage options out there. For smaller-scale storage, you can opt for large, many-gallon, open-top, or tight-head drums. Then there are intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), often found in the 275-gallon and 300-gallon range, for the storage and transport of bulk liquid material.

5. Industrial Water Storage Containers

Water storage tanks come in many shapes and sizes.

The best storage containers include fiberglass, stainless steel, welded steel, and even plastic designs. But you better have some serious water storage needs because these containers can store up to seven million gallons!

Choose the Best Container for Your Industrial Needs

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent industrial storage containers to choose from. Don’t let the bewildering variety intimidate you. Whatever industrial application you need, there’s something for you.

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