Top 3 Major Benefits of a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

You’ve finally stuffed all your knick-knacks, dusty lamps, and clothes that don’t fit into cardboard boxes. As you look around at your boxed-up apartment, you can’t help but ask yourself: “what am I going to do with all this stuff?”

Surrounded by fortress walls of moving boxes, you realize all of this shouldn’t be moved into your next place. It needs to go into a storage unit – for your sanity.

Do you pay a little extra for climate control? These are the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit.

1. Some Items Last Longer When Stored With Climate Control

Have you ever smelled the inside of an old, dusty garage? Or the inside of a stagnate shed? There’s often a certain musk that’s left lingering in the air – it’s from dust, mold, and other environmental hazards.

Places that have erratic climates, where temperatures can reach into the triple-digits then zero during the holidays, require proper climate balance. Extreme temperature swings like these can have lasting effects on furniture made from wood and other porous materials. The temperature fluctuations will cause the material to crack or split.

If you didn’t know, humidity also tends to seep right into the pores of the material, resulting in damaged property. This will often result in warping or bowing.

Consider using climate control if storing any similar items to these:

  • Wood or leather furniture
  • Paper documents, including picture albums
  • Makeup that can melt
  • Electronics
  • Instruments (especially those made from wood)
  • Pills or vitamins
  • Toiletries
  • Mattresses

2. A Storage Unit With Humidity Control

Protection from humidity is just as important as controlling the temperatures. Humidity is a leading contributor to destroying property in sheds and storage.

Humidity tends to seep into things as condensed water. It’s what causes warping in wooden furniture and the stink in mattresses. It will devastate anything that runs on electricity – particularly TVs, old computers, and game consoles.

It will also cause mold and other bacterial growths on your stored items. This is that funky smell that hits you in the face when you open an old garage box. Stagnant water that has condensed from the air will cause a host of problems for your goods.

Most climate-controlled units have humidity protections.

3. Air and Dust

Of the many benefits of a storage unit that has a controlled climate is air quality. Air is constantly recirculated to keep your unit fresh. This is particularly good for papers and electronics being stored in the unit.

Because of the constant recirculation, there’s little dust in your unit. It’s often blown away or kept off of your items. Climate-controlled units are also typically in a shelled building, minimalizing the dust altogether.

Stuff It All Away

Moving is a stressful time in life. Storing all of your items at a storage unit shouldn’t be an additional burden on you.

Getting a climate-controlled unit will protect your property from damage, humidity, and dust. All of which can severely alter furniture, electronics, and documents.

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