5 Signs It’s Time to Get a Storage Unit

Keeping your home neat and clean can help you feel better and more productive. But, when do you know when it’s time to tidy up?

You could watch hours of Marie Kondo to learn her life-changing methods. Or, you could get a storage unit!

Getting a storage unit ensures you save all of your items while keeping them safe. From moving homes to keeping items while downsizing, there are many reasons to store your things in a storage unit!

1. Your Rooms Are Overflowing

Each room in your house has a purpose. If these rooms are too full to walk in, it’s time to clean up.

To decide what to store, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this item have a clear use in this room?
  • Is this a frequently used item?
  • Does this item help the organization of the room?
  • What does this item add to the room?

After asking these questions, you can decide to keep the item or put it in storage. Or, you may even choose to throw it away or donate it!

2. Everything Is Disorganized

There is nothing worse than losing things in your home. You know it has to be somewhere, but where? You may have too much stuff in one place.

By clearing out your extra things, you can implement an organizational system that keeps everything in sight! This will decrease your stress level and help you save time by knowing exactly where things are.

3. You Are Moving

Moving is stressful enough on its own, why worry about storage space, too? Rent a unit short-term to keep everything organized during your move! You can find a month-to-month contract to help store your stuff while getting settled into a new space.

Getting a longer agreement is also great if you’re downsizing homes. This ensures you can keep all of your valuables that may not fit into your new space.

4. You Have Extra Stuff

Whether it’s a couch for your new home, a bed frame you inherited, or a large painting someone gave you as a gift. Sometimes we have extra stuff.

When you have large items that you can’t accommodate in your space, it may be time to look into renting a storage unit. By having a storage unit, you can access your things at any time but they won’t be collecting dust in your home.

Inner City Moving & Storage Company has great rates and easy storage for whenever you need a place for large or small items.

5. You’ll Be Gone for an Extended Time

If you’re dreaming of van life or want to take a travel job, you may not want to get rid of everything right away. If you’re accepting a travel job, but are planning to return to your home, you may want to put items in a secure unit.

This will help you feel more at ease, knowing your items will be safe while you’re gone. Plus, if you keep your items instead of selling them when you move, you’ll save money when you return. You don’t want to have to buy new things to replace the ones you got rid of before.

Which Storage Unit Is Right for You?

Before moving any items into a storage unit, be sure to review your contract carefully. You want your items to be available when you need them again.

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