Sciatic Nerve Pain During the Period of Pregnancy

The largest nerve in the body happens to be the sciatic nerve. To the lower part of the body it provides motor and nerve function. The sensation of the foot or the lower part of the leg all occur due to this nerve The sciatic nerve pain goes on to occur throughout your nerves. Neurological disorders in pregnancy are common and steps are to be taken for prevention of those.

During the course of pregnancy, this nerve runs under your uterus to the legs. One of the main reasons why pain in this nerve occurs would be pressure on the nerve that occurs due to the developing baby.

It is not that you will be prone to sciatic if you happen to be pregnant. During pregnancy it is common to develop pain or acnes in your back all of them would not be related to the sciatic nerve. The cause of it is likely to be PGP that is more common and has almost all the symptoms like a sciatic nerve. You can compare it to epilepsy medicine pregnancy where urgent attention is called for.

In terms of remedy you can go on to lie on your side, and this would mean the opposite side of the pain. To a large extend the pressure on the nerve is relieved. Do minimize standing and avoid heavy lifting for a considerable amount of time. In case if you feel the pressure when you are standing, try to elevate your foot or if possible rest on something. To a large extend swimming would also reduce the discomfort. Do not be in a state of being inactive for a longer period of time as the key would be regular and intense levels of physical activity for Relaxin Hormone.

Just apply heat or cold to the affected area and a considerable amount of relief is obtained. In some cases your health care provider may prescribe your medications to provide relief from the pain. It is suggested that you get in touch with your health care provider if the pain becomes severe or increases in frequency over due course of time.

The chances are that you may have a shooting; this could be accompanied by back pain that comes and goes. This could just stretch to one side. Pain in the lower back is common and you would need to take precautions. Pain in the legs is also common. All these form of pain may be mild or severe in nature. It could be more vary and cause more pain than your back. There are some self-tips you can follow

  • Your skin could be protected by a cloth and then go on to apply an ice pack on the painful area in order to reduce the pain. A warm followed by a cold compresses does reduce the pain to a large extend
  • Try to be as active as possible as this will help you to recover faster. When you are trying to do normal activities a little bit of pain is normal.

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