Pop Now- A Show by STX Entertainment

“We’re in buying mode, and we are looking at a lot of things,” In addition to that, he also said “It would be insincere if one has this huge amount of money that needs to be deployed to not be without thinking about all the other aspects.”

The above words were said by one of the famous film producer of Hollywood Robert Simonds in one of his interviews Robert Simonds is an American film producer who was born in 1964 and is an entrepreneur, founder and chairman of STX Entertainment. He has started the company STX Entertainment and the cofounder of this company is the managing partner of a leading firm TPG Growth, Bill McGlashan.

STX Entertainment is being divided into different divisions. Read on to find out which are they: STX films, STX television, STX digital, STX surreal and STX international. Out of which, animation and family contents are covered by STX films. The scripted and unscripted content is covered by STX television. Virtual reality events i.e. live events are covered by STX surreal and the international partnership and distribution is headquartered in London under the banner STX international.

Prior to this STX Entertainment, Robert Simonds was working as an independent producer and has successfully produced many films out of which, his famous films are “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Big Daddy”, “The wedding Singer” and many others.

Mr. Bill also says that “China didn’t exist as a media market 20 years ago,” and  “This is the first year where digital has outsold analog content, and with more connected devices, we’re seeing a media landscape that’s changed dramatically.”

Have you heard of “Pop Now”? It is first mobile variety series on Facebook. Pop Now is being launched by STX Digital a part of STX Entertainment.  The advertisers will advertise “POP Now” will via the Anthology program. This Anthology Program is  a branded content program which is specifically designed to re-invent the way different brands connect with the culture and communities. It will telecast its first 12-episode season this year.

All these things are done under the supervision of Robert Simonds. He is very well known for his varieties. He is known for some of his famous films namely,  “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Big Daddy”, “The wedding Singer” and many others. STX entertainment works mainly in creating, producing, distributing and marketing and financing films under the banner of STX Films.

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