Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

There are over 1.4 million real estate agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors. That’s a head-spinning number of people to consider when it’s time to buy or sell a home.

It helps to know what questions to ask that can narrow down your options. That way, you can find the right realtor for your needs. This guide will give you five crucial questions to ask your real estate agent.

The first set of five questions are ones that both buyers and sellers should ask. Then there are two second sets of questions that are specifically geared towards buying or selling.

Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

These are five basic questions that help you determine if the agent is a reputable and professional businessperson. They need to be licensed to legally work as a real estate agent.

References help you determine how that agent works. Knowing how their commission works lets you know if you can afford them. Easy communication is vital to ensure a smooth buying or selling process.

Find an agent that can work with your timeline and understand your needs. Planning a move is complicated enough already; you don’t need an unskilled real estate agent making things worse.

  1. Can I see your real estate license?
  2. Do you have references I can call?
  3. Will I be working with you, or with your team?
  4. How does your commission work?
  5. What’s the best way to contact you?

Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Buying

When interviewing a buyer’s agent, ask questions that help you figure out their experience and availability. You want someone who has the experience necessary to help you find the perfect home and also has the time available to work with you.

They should be familiar with the area and the price range you’re looking in. This will enable them to have an effective search for the most viable home options.

  1. How many homes do you help buyers purchase each year?
  2. How many buyer clients do you have right now?
  3. Do you work with both buyers and sellers?
  4. How long do you usually work with buyers, from the first home you see together to the closing table?
  5. Have you helped prospective buyers find homes in this area and price range?

Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Selling

Your home is probably your most valuable asset, so you want to get the most for it when selling. Look for an agent that has experience selling homes similar to yours in the area. They should be able to explain their valuation method, marketing process, and any potential costs you may incur.

  1. How did you arrive at your suggested list price?
  2. Will you also represent the buyer?
  3. How will you market my home?
  4. What are the costs?
  5. How many homes have you sold in this area?

Find the Best Real Estate Agent for You

Knowing the questions to ask your real estate agent can narrow down your options to the right choice. That way, you can look forward to working with someone who has the right set of knowledge, experience, and skills.

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