This Is How to Remodel a Basement the Right Way

More and more people are looking to remodel their homes. Online home remodeling platforms reported a 58 percent annual increase in 2020 searching for home professionals to complete projects.

Have you decided you want to remodel your basement? Wondering how to remodel a basement? We’ve got you covered—keep reading to learn how to tackle that basement remodel.

Determine How You Will Use the Space

Before you start your renovation, plan how you want to use that space. Spend time down there and think about what you need from that area.

Do you need more space? Another bedroom or bathroom? Playroom for the kids?

If you are planning this renovation to appeal to home buyers, you may want to create a more open design.

As you plan, don’t forget to think about storage. You want to make sure you have dedicated areas for storage, so think about closets and a storage room.

Set the Budget

Before you start the renovation, you need to determine your budget. This helps you choose the right materials and sets the stage for the entire project. You want to know what you are working with before you begin.

Start by assessing the funds you have and how much you are willing to borrow. Talk to a contractor and get the breakdown of all areas including plumbing, electric, drywall, flooring, etc. Then you can see how much you have budgeted for each area as you shop and get basement renovation ideas.

This can also help you make cuts and determine what you need versus want. You can also look for ways to save, such as things you can do yourself.

Make Sure It’s Dry

Now, it’s time to make sure your basement is dry. Moisture and leaks can ruin your entire renovation. If you see any leaks, you should contact a professional.

Other things you should check include:

  • Soil should go away from the foundation
  • Fill any cracks with a concrete-patching compound
  • Install diverters to send the gutter water away from the foundation
  • Check that humidity is below 50 percent

You may also want to consider a different floor than carpet, which can collect moisture. Instead, think about waterproof flooring. Check out this basement flooring for a great look that is safe from moisture.

Check Codes

You may be able to do a few things yourself to save money such as painting, installing trim, and doing the flooring. However, you should use the pros for all other projects that need to follow code such as HVAC, electrical, framing, and plumbing.

Your contractor should help you get any permits needed for remodeling a basement.

Consider Your Ceiling

As you make the final choices before the project, think twice about your ceiling. You can decide to use sheetrock or ceiling tiles. By using ceiling tiles, you can easily access any pipes or electric lines. Sheetrock is cheaper, but you will have to cut into it if you need to access those pipes or electrical wires.

Another trend is to just paint the ceiling as is for a more industrial look. Choose dark brown or gray, and you have the most cost-effective option.

You may also want to think about soundproofing your basement by adding fiberglass batts between the joists.

How to Remodel a Basement Your Way

After reading how to remodel a basement, it’s time to get your plan and budget together. Don’t forget to think about your space and storage. Stick to your budget as you pick out your finishes and products—it should be your guide.

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