7 Amazing Ideas to Try Out For Your Christmas Party

Around 93% of Americans celebrate Christmas every year.

Apart from buying gifts and decorating the Christmas tree, you must throw a memorable Christmas party so everyone gets in the festive mood. But how do you make this year better than the last?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven incredible ideas for your Christmas party.

1. Christmas Costume Party

There’s no better way to celebrate the Christmas season than by throwing a costume party. For instance, ask everyone to dress up as Rudolph or their favorite character from a Christmas movie. Or hand out ugly Christmas sweaters so everyone is snug throughout the holiday season.

2. Hot Chocolate Party

Set up a hot chocolate bar and let your loved ones create their favorite cup of cocoa. Remember to include all the toppings like cinnamon sticks, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. To make it easier, let the hot chocolate brew in a slow cooker so it stays warm all evening.

3. Christmas Carol Karaoke Night

If you don’t want to do a Christmas raffle this year, get everyone belting out their favorite Christmas hits. Get a home karaoke set and rock out to classics like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Plus, keep a steady flow of mixed drinks and good food to keep everyone happy.

4. Cocktail Party

Embrace the holiday spirit with Christmas cocktails. Make sure there’s plenty of mulled wine, winter whiskey sours, and eggnog. You can either hire a bartender or get creative by serving guests Christmas-inspired drinks.

5. White Elephant Party

Otherwise known as a Yankee Swap, a white elephant party is where everyone exchanges Christmas gifts. To do this, ask guests to bring along a gift, make a pile but keep it anonymous so no one knows who bought what.

Everyone draws a number and whoever has number one unwraps a gift. Number two then decides whether to choose from the pile or take the gift from the first person. It’s a great way to add excitement and plenty of laughs to your fun-filled night!

6. Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

Get creative by hosting a gingerbread house decoration competition.

Hand out undecorated gingerbread houses, frosting, and ask everyone to bring their favorite candy for decoration. Then, judge each one and award the winner with a personalised gift.

7. Christmas Movie Marathon Party

Want a low-key event?

Find four Christmas movies to watch so you can get in the festive spirit. You can make it more entertaining by taking a shot whenever you see Santa or if a character says “Happy Christmas!”

Those Are the Best Christmas Party Ideas

Now you know seven Christmas party ideas to try.

Make it competitive with a gingerbread house decorating competition or light-hearted by throwing a white elephant party. Regardless of what you choose, serve holiday-inspired food, and drink so everyone has a night to remember. Have fun!

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