The Ultimate Guide to Selling Land

Did you know that at least 90% of the millionaires today got their wealth from investing in real estate? Selling land is one of the real estate activities that can get you a good amount of money. If you’re new to land selling, the first time might feel overwhelming.

You need to equip yourself with the right information to know more about selling land. Our comprehensive guide will give you great insights on how to sell land.

Know Your Land’s Value

Unless you know the value of the land you intend to sell, you wouldn’t know how to go about its pricing. You might want to consider an appraiser to evaluate the land so that you can set a reasonable price tag. Alternatively, you can check other comparable properties to establish the average pricing.

The potential use of land, such as residential and commercial, is ideal for determining the land’s value. Check the neighboring pieces of land, their uses, and the price the seller sold the land. From there, you can adjust the prices to be consistent with the market prices.

While you might want to save the money you’d use in the appraisal, working with a professional to determine the land’s value remains an ideal option. A mistake in land valuation can be a deal-breaker for you.

Price the Land Well

Pricing is one of the factors that can determine your success in land selling. The right prices will attract buyers. A ridiculously priced piece of land can scare potential buyers, who even avoid making any inquiries about the land.

If you don’t have comparable sales to determine the price, the appraisal is your next best bet. However, you’ll need to execute further research to know how to go about pricing your property.

Factor in your needs during pricing to establish the effects of pricing on buyers’ interests. If you want to sell the land quicker, you might have to sacrifice when it comes to pricing. Pricing requires you to be familiar with the market; otherwise, you might end up underselling your land or having it staying in the market list longer.

Understand Your Target Buyers

Unlike when selling a home, targeting inland selling can be a bit tricky. The buyer profile can vary depending on your property. Factors such as location, development, or market conditions can have significant impacts on the market.

A potential buyer might be looking for somewhere to build a family home or a space to develop for commercial purposes. Predicting a buyer for the piece of land you intend to sell is quite challenging. As such, you need to be extra when researching your potential market to make selling land easier.

Many people who don’t know how to sell land fast mostly face the dilemma if they are not familiar with the target market. With the right targeting approach, it will be easier to sell land within the shortest time possible.

The First Impression Is Everything

The first impression being the only impression is a cliché statement that you shouldn’t ignore when you’re a land seller. Potential clients will judge the property based on their first experience. While they don’t expect to find a perfect piece of land, you have to prove to them its potential.

Your land has to be in the best state before showing it to prospective buyers. Simple activities like removing spider webs, trimming overgrown shrubs, and cutting the grass can make a massive difference in land selling.

In areas where there are bare patches, plant some flowers or grass. Remove any debris or trash in the property to ensure that it’s tidy enough for viewing. Any slight thing that you might consider insignificant can be a turnoff to prospective buyers.

A buyer visiting the property should find it easy to move around without having to push away fallen trees or shrubs. The gate should be swinging open with minimal effort. Wear the buyer’s shoes for a day and try to see some of the things that would be an eyesore.

Invest in Appropriate Marketing

Marketing budgets can be 11% of the total company’s revenue. Selling land without investing in any form of marketing is almost impossible. As you put your ‘land for sale signs, consider increasing your marketing and advertisement to reach a wider group.

Your network is a great place to start when marketing the property. Talk to neighbors or even friends as they might be looking for a piece of land to buy. Farming associations and builders are some of the networks you should reach out to before going all out with marketing.

Online land listing can make a significant difference in your land selling. Ensure that you take high-quality photos and videos to increase engagement as many internet users love visual content. Describe the surrounding, location, and land’s attributes.

Aerial shots and maps of the property can allow your potential buyers to see and analyze the land’s potential and layout. As such, your marketing approach should be comprehensive enough to ensure that your target audience interacts with the products enough.

Liaise With Professionals

Selling land is one of those investments you wouldn’t want to mess up. The process can feel quite complicated, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Working with a professional makes all the difference when selling property.

Some of the professionals that you need for successful land selling include lawyers, agents, and salespeople. These experts know the sale of the property. Chances are that you’ll sell your land easier when using these experts.

Selling Land Can Be Daunting

If you’re thinking of selling your land, you have to understand the processes involved. From pricing to marketing. Selling land is quite different from selling an already finished house.

You have to be armed with information for you to make the right decision. Research more about the pricing and understand the tips necessary in land selling.

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