The Manliest Styles That Will Always Be in Fashion

There are some wardrobe classics that never get old – they are the central pieces of some of the manliest styles that appeared throughout the 20th century, and are still going strong. If you want to maintain that manly style, here’s what pieces of clothing you simply must have in your wardrobe:

1. Leather biker, a white T-shirt, and denim jeans

These three items became inseparable after Marlon Brando worn them on the big screen. It became a symbol of cool, and even though it went through some changes from the 70s till the 200s, it’s still a legendary outfit. The best thing about this outfit is that in order to pull it off, you just need to keep it simple, meaning: a black leather biker jacket, a white crew-neck T-shirt and denim jeans.

2. Shearling jacket and a gray jumper

Yes, a shearling jacket will cause you a considerable financial damage, but this shaggy jacket has never gone out of style, so you’re going to wear it in years to come. What’s even better, it’s pretty hard to mess up an outfit combined with a shearling jacket. As Robert Redford once did, combine this jacket with a simple gray jumper and a light gray shirt, creating a cast-iron look. A great advantage of this pairing is that you don’t have to think too much about the bottom: any pair of chinos, jeans or tailored trousers will go well with it. The only pieces you should avoid with it are sand or tan chinos – so that you don’t look like you’re stuck in the 80s.

3. Casual shirt and tailored trousers

Alain Delon pulled this combination off magnificently – a perfect combination of relaxed and refined at the same time. Teaming a casual shirt with tailored trousers means managing to simultaneously be dressed up and down. This outfit represents a blank piece of paper – you can experiment with it in many ways, creating numerous purposes depending on the occasion. A shawl collar cardigan or varsity jacket is what you’ll also need for the complete outfit, and make sure two or three buttons are unbuttoned and the trousers’ hems are rolled up. And get several shirts in different colors so you can wear them depending on your current mood.

4. Sweatshirt and chino trousers

The secret of the sweatshirt’s never-ending popularity is in its simplicity. It can match perfectly with various styles, especially when paired with chino trousers – just take a look at Paul Newman’s pictures. What is it about this combination that works so well? It’s all about the fact that opposites attract. Chino trousers bring a sense of formality, while the sweatshirt brings in the relaxed, unfussy demeanor. Together, they form a smart-casual dress code, making you feel stylish at work and off-duty.

5.  Pay attention to your footwear

Dirty sneakers will ruin most of your perfect outfits, so it’s time you replace them with something more elegant – women will notice the difference. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your footwear, just choose them carefully. You can look sharper with tons of different shoes – just checkout men wearing Redback work boots with denim jeans and a flannel shirt in pure lumberjack style or desert boots with light trousers and a cardigan over a white T-shirt – examples of a casual, yet smart outfit.

6. Layering of clothes

Any outfit can become instantly more interesting if you add a layer to it. It’s not hard work – a plain blue or gray sweater and jeans, but with a simple white shirt underneath the sweater – and it’s got more appealing. You don’t even have to stop at two layers – match a couple of simple pieces of clothing and you’ll see what works best for you. It’s not a revolutionary idea, but it’s classic and masculine – what more do you need?

All in all

Once you start collecting these pieces of clothing and filling your wardrobe, you’ll start making outfits on your own. Simple clothes don’t have to be boring – if matched properly, they represent a style that’s here to stay.

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