How to Fix a Pool Pump and When to Replace It

Studies show that a pool pump is the largest electricity consumer in homes with a pool.

What happens when your pool pump breaks down? What is your plan if it suddenly stops working and thousands of gallons of water cannot be filtered? How do you know when it is time to call a professional?

Knowing how you can troubleshoot issues with your pool pump is important because most pool owners experience issues with it at some point. Keep reading to learn more about how to fix a pool pump and when you need to replace it.

Check Water Levels

The water level in your pool can have a direct effect on the performance of your pool pump. If the water level is too low, the pump may be working extremely hard to pump the water through (and overheating or breaking down in the process).

If the water level is low, it can allow air in. This disrupts the pump’s vacuum environment that it uses to suck the water into the filter and back into the pool.

Keeping an eye on the water pressure going into the pool pump is important. If there is not enough pressure to push the water through, you will know that the water pressure needs to be increased. This could stem from the pool pump, but now you know where one of the causes is stemming from.

Check for Leaks

As with any plumbing or pipe structures in your home, pool pumps can develop leaks. It is important to check for leaks before proceeding with making any changes or replacing your pool pump.

The fix could be as simple as a cracked coupling connector that just needs to be replaced, and not the entire unit itself.

Realize the Pool Pump Won’t Last Forever

Depending on the quality of the pool pump, they will typically last between 8 to 15 years.

This is important because your efforts to fix the pump may not work if it is at the end of its life. Researching the signs of your pool pump being permanently broken will help you recognize whether it can be fixed — or if the signs are pointing to it being broken.

Talk to a Professional About How to Fix a Pool Pump

No one knows more about pool pumps than the people that install them. Consulting with a professional to troubleshoot your problem can help you get to a solution faster or set up a new install if the problem cannot be fixed.

If you follow the Ever-Care steps for trouble-shooting and still aren’t achieving a solution, you can request that they come out for an inspection of the pool pump.

Get Started Today

Now that you know more about how to fix a pool pump and when it’s time to call a professional, you can get started today. The pool pump is extremely important to the life of the pool and any issues with it should be addressed immediately.

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