Wedding Budget Tips: How to Save Money on Your Wedding Florals

With the average wedding costing about $25,000, it’s no wonder you are looking for little ways to save.

Thinking about your wedding flowers? Wedding flowers can be expensive and take a lot of money from your budget, but there are ways to get beautiful flowers for less money.

Check out these wedding budget tips so you can beautiful flowers and save some money for your special day.

Use More Greenery

To add some filler to your flowers, use more greenery. Ask your florist about leather leaf greenery, silver dollar eucalyptus, or parvafolia. These are just a few you can add to your bouquet.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may even consider all greenery arrangements to save money. Fill the altar with potted plants like ferns for more greenery.

Choose In-Season Flowers

There are certain times of the year when some flowers are more expensive. To help you save money, stick with flowers that are in season for your flower centerpieces and bouquets. There are some flowers you can get year-round, including carnations, roses, and orchids.

Talk to your florist about what is in season during your wedding. Also, try to stay away from major flower holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day because flowers tend to be more expensive.

Pick Large Blooms

If you choose big blooms, you will need fewer stems. Even though some flowers may seem more expensive such as peonies, you will not need as many so you end up spending less.

You can also consider hydrangeas for spilling up space fast. They have a rustic charm and go with several flowers.

Reuse Your Flowers

After your wedding, reuse the flowers at the altar. You can use them to add color to the buffet table, cake table, or any other area at your reception. Talk to your florist about ways to reuse those flowers instead of buying more.

Buy Flowers in Bulk

If you choose several types of flowers, your florist still buys in bulk but there are extras. You can use those extras in other areas.

However, if you stick to using only one to three types of flowers, you get a better deal on bulk flowers and still have beautiful arrangements. Pick one focal flower and go from there.

Discuss Your Budget

When you meet with your florist, be honest about your budget. They may have some creative ideas on ways to save money and give you some tips for wedding budget flowers. It’s best not to waste time, so you can work together on your budget.

Keep It Simple

You don’t need large, lavish arrangements of wedding flowers for your big day to be special.

You can try using small, bud vases with one flower for a few fillers. You can also use some bouquets of wildflowers (like poppies, daisies, or bluebells) in mason jars for a rustic look.

Follow These Wedding Budget Tips to Save on Flowers

Planning a wedding should be fun and not stressful. Follow these best wedding budget tips to save on your flowers.

Want more ideas on how to save money? Keep checking out our site for inspiration. You may even find some great ideas for your honeymoon.