Anouk Govil – Enjoy Kayaking as an Outdoor Activity

Outdoor activities are extremely good for your health. They boost your stamina, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Many people are often confused between kayaking and canoeing. Both of them engage paddling through the water in small crafts. Both of them are very low-impact outdoor activities. You can improve aerobic fitness levels with them. Both of them can be pursued as a full-time hobby. You can engage in them as a fun-time outdoor activity on a holiday or a competitive sport. With them, you can paddle on lakes, the river, or even on the sea.

Anouk Govil – What are the key differences between kayaking and canoeing?

Anouk Govil is a student from the United States of America with a keen interest in Economics, saying it is relevant to everything in daily life. She is fond of outdoor activities and sports. When it comes to the difference between canoeing and kayaking, she says-

  1. Canoe is a vessel that is open. You need to kneel and sit in the canoe. A paddle with a single blade is used to push the vessel in the water.
  2. Kayak is an enclosed vessel where the person sits in the kayak with his legs extended. The paddle used is a double-bladed one.

Again, there are some places where you might find the vessel of a canoe enclosed and that of a kayak open.

Know about the health benefits you can get from kayaking

The following are some of the key health benefits you can get from kayaking-

  1. Your cardiovascular fitness improves.
  2. You are able to boost muscle strength, especially in the shoulders, chest, and back arms, as you move the paddle.
  3. Boost the strength in the legs and torso. The kayak needs strength from the torso. Here, you need to apply a lot of pressure to the legs and rotate your torso.
  4. The activity has a low impact, so it can be pursued by everyone interested in water sports or activity.
  5. This outdoor activity is exhilarating and peaceful.
  6. Paddling is an enjoyable way to go through waterways.

How to begin with kayaking?

If you want to start kayaking as a beginner, you can-

  1. Become a member of a club- This is the best way for you to learn how to paddle through the water. You have trained instructors to teach you. Under their guidance, you can practice and improve your skills at kayaking. Moreover, you can boost your safety knowledge about kayaking and other important tips when you are in the water.
  2. Make sure you know swimming- When you begin to learn kayaking, there is a possibility that you may fall into the water. Ensure you know swimming. In case you are not good at swimming, brush up your skills before you start kayaking.

According to Anouk Govil says that paddling is a great pastime; however, if you wish to do it regularly, first hire or borrow equipment. When you master your skills, buy your own kit to pursue it as a full-time hobby and stay fit at the same time.