Top 3 Island Vacation Destinations for the Perfect Getaway

The Earth has no shortage of islands. There are over 20,000 in the Pacific Ocean alone, although not all of them rise above sea level.

2020 has come to a close, and with a very tough year at its end, many people want to get out and take a vacation. This is assuming, of course, that COVID-19 has been successfully managed.

Many would like to get away to a tropical island. With so many islands to choose from, that can be quite a challenge.

What are the best island vacation destinations? We’ll talk about some of our favorites in the paragraphs below.

1. The British Virgin Islands

There are two sets of the Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Depending on how you measure it, the British Virgin Islands have been in existence since 1666, when English plantation owners overthrew the Dutch pirates that had ruled it.

Today, the British Virgin Islands are an experiment in luxury and solitude. These islands are home to several beautiful beaches, delicious street food, and many 5-star restaurants.

This experience isn’t for everyone, though. If you can’t entertain yourself with food, shopping, hotels, and sightseeing then you won’t have much fun here.

2. Malta

There’s no shortage of things to do in Malta. Not only is it a gorgeous place, but a historic one as well. It’s one of the ultimate island vacation destinations.

There are theaters, museums, and plenty of historical sites for the scholars in your tour group. There are also several botanical gardens and arts and crafts.

On top of all that are the opportunities to explore. Malta is full of caves and surrounded by scuba diving spots. That’s in addition to the hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and the other tourist attractions that can be found in most destinations.

3. St. Lucia

Among the various activities, you’ll find on St. Lucia is Pigeon Island. This misnamed peninsula is very important to the culture and history of St. Lucia.

Pigeon Island has a few calm, often uncrowded beaches and several restaurants. It also has a long history which includes pirates, and a military fort from the 1700s, among other things.

For amateur geologists, you can find The Pitons and the Sulphur Springs. The Pitons are a group of volcano-like formations that somehow never grew into full volcanoes. The technical name for these are volcano plugs.

The Sulphur Springs are aptly named. They’re vents of sulfur steam that rise from a volcano. These vents heat the world around them, including pools that many swim in. They claim the heated water keeps their skin young.

While the vents are well-monitored and mostly safe, it is still possible, in theory, to get injured or burned if you get too close, or if you try to drink some of the sulfur water.

We can recommend a great air ambulance service if you need it, but it’s best to try to avoid that situation.

The Best Island Vacation Destinations for 2021

You have many options when taking an island vacation. We’ve mentioned our favorite island vacation destinations in this article, but there are way more places to choose from.

You may want to do more research, because the vacation that’s right for you may be different from the ones that are right for us.

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