7 Best Stress Relievers at Work

Stress and physical strain can take a serious toll on your mind and body, if not taken seriously soon. Most people do not even realize they are going through stress until they start experiencing health problems. If you are not taking steps proactively, it can have harmful effects. Yoga and Meditation can help with long-term stress if you haven’t hooked yourself with it as yet, you definitely must. Talking about short-term stress relievers or instant stress relievers, there are very fewer options that come to one mind.

This is where this article helps, as it will get rid of these difficult times provided you follow the immediate stress relievers in the article. Continuing these practices for a few weeks will help you feel better about working, enhance your concentration, boost your creativity and will keep you relaxed through stressful hours at work. These are the following stress-relievers you can use at work:

1_ Stress Ball:

Stress can cause certain muscles in your body to tense. As your muscles tighten, your flexibility reduces and overtime you may realize that this has developed chronic stress in your body. This tension is seen generally in the neck region and near the shoulder. Focusing on relaxing these muscles can be helped greatly with the stress ball. With practice, you will learn to let go of the stress building up in your muscles.

2_ Two Minute Deep Breathing:

We understand you don’t notice on your breathing. As you do it every day and realize it is only part of your life.  Being more aware of your breathing will not only help you control your breath but also improve the oxygen flow in your lungs and to your brain? Breathing deeply by taking breaks throughout the day can impact a lot on the way you feel carry out your activities? Remember that yoga and meditation proves that taking slow and deep belly breaths intervals can help give you immediate stress-relief.

3_ A joke sharing session with your colleague:

Laughter is the best medicine. A hearty laugh stimulates the blood and soothes the tension. It is scientifically proven that laughing releases endorphin that helps produce a relaxed feeling. Surround your work group with a folder of jokes and take turns reading it out during office breaks in the day. We bet you it will make you feel good and keep something you can look forward to.

4_ Music:

Feeling out of place at your workplace? Or is there a presentation you need to make with a short deadline?

If you are in with the idea of finding your rhythm, use music. With so many genres to choose from and electronic gadgets making it simple for you to listen anywhere and anytime, your portable stress reliever should always keep your company. Listening to music not only lifts your mood but calms your senses, keeps you focused and lets you complete your work by keeping your mind in a state of a monogamous thought.

5_ Reduce caffeine intake:

Being a stimulant, coffee chocolate and tea contains caffeine that externally increases your effectivity. Over-consumption of these beverages can cause anxiety. For people in today’s generation who choose work over life, caffeine intake is dangerous leading to various problems such as acidity, stress and even insomnia. However, in moderation, caffeine is a good source of energy to your body and mind.

6_ Chew gum:

Got a day full of meetings ahead of you? One of the best anxiety relievers is chewing gum. Chewing gum causes brain waves similar to those of relaxed people and promotes blood flow to your brain.

7: Avoid procrastination:  

Avoiding your stress by procrastination can be overcome if you take control of it completely. Yes, procrastination is one of the biggest causes of stress worldwide. Especially with files and files of work coming over to you. The only way to overcome it is if you proactively write down your to-do list each day. As you wake up, give yourself realistic deadlines and give yourself uninterrupted time to complete each task. Practicing this for a month as a ritual can develop your habit of never having to worry about stress.

Stress in terms of work is critical to deal with. However, there are situations where stress cannot be controlled, like in case of a medical emergency, family medical problem or whether raising money for yours or a loved one’s treatment. Crowdfunding in India has gained a lot of popularity as an affordable, debt-free way for people to tackle perhaps the biggest stress causing reason in the world. Platforms such as Impact Guru can help you raise money for treatment as you start a medical fundraiser and send out your story to the world. When this reaches out to people in the world, your cause generates genuine contributions through donations. Hope this article helps!