Project Free TV Streaming Site Shuts Down. Is it True?

Project Free TV was created to scoop out the most visited and streaming indexes making it’s around in the entrainment world, which achieved popularity with fans worldwide through its TV scheduling and discovery features.

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV was perhaps the most prolific until it was taken down last month, though it’s a good bet it wanted to exit stage gracefully, it was somewhat forced down to stop all operation because of copyright holders or worse, sued into oblivion.

But on 24th July this year after many years’ of being on the net, suddenly Project Free TV now displays just one word on its homepage: Goodbye.

In this globally challenging digital world, the way we use media has changed drastically in the last five years.

Torrents are still a thing to fall back on for online streaming, but with the rise of Netflix and other streaming services, there is less incentive to fire up your favorite BitTorrent client.

While there’s no shortage of replacements, it’s still sad to see it go. Once the official site was shut down, many clones and malicious websites are trying to take its place. Few examples of this clone site are -project free tv,,,

This new sites which suddenly cropped up, may not be legal and may not be backed by the original PFTV developers, but they serve the purpose of showing free TV shows online. It is believed that the timing of for going live was ideal, as it got registered on 1 July 2015, shortly after the PFTV website went gloomy.

Torrent Freak was the first to declare the news of Project Free TV’s going offline, but the content streaming website has not issued an official statement on the matter yet.

The website lacks an official blog, which can post news to keep its loyal users informed about outages and service interruptions.

Project Free TV’s non-verbal policy on this matter confirms that this happened due to the ongoing speculations that the site was shut down due to copyright infringements and DMCA notices, which are on the increase form the past couple of months, Inquisitr reports.

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