Significance of contraction timer

If you think that you are going into labor then with the aid of a contraction timer online it is easy to figure out whether you need to head over to the hospital. With a calculator or a stop watch you can keep a track of the contractions but it is not going to serve you any purpose. It is a tool that is designed for the would be mothers in order to be precise. Most online contraction timer is available online. You can download it as per your desires.

The moment you go on to feel a sensation of tightening, as one can feel it from the inside or when you place the hand on the belly. It would signal the beginning of a single contraction. The moment your uterus is relaxed press the stop button. As the contractions continue you might have to repeat the process and be aware to check out the interval of the contractions. Close to 8 readings are needed in order to derive more information about the frequency along with length of the contractions.

When you move into labour it is more in terms of period pain as this could range from mild to severe. In case of every woman it differs. You are likely to suffer from backache, cramps or both. Acne or heaviness in the lower part of your tummy could also be felt as well. Whereas in case of Braxton Hicks it is felt in the groin along with the front area. It might start off at the back, but it is never going to move towards the front.

If the contraction seems to be 3 to 4 minutes apart and does not cease even after lying or walking on the left side it could point to occurrence of labor. Then it is the right time to get in touch with your doctor or contact your gynaecologist.

You have to provide details of the contraction to the doctor, and trying to figure out whether they are becoming longer and coming close together. It is suggested that you should not start in the middle of a contraction. In case if you go on to miss the first then wait for the second one to arrive.

You also need to be aware on how the true contractions are different from the false ones. The former starts to begin at the back and those makes a move towards the abdomen. In most cases they are not going to be painful. Ideally you are going to have 4 or 5 at the most and they will fade away. But with the passage of time they are going to become stronger and painful at the same time.

The false contractions as most of us are aware go by the name of Braxton Hicks. This prepares the baby for the hard days ahead. They are short, irregular and painful at the same time. They tend to start in the 5th or the 7th month of pregnancy and go away on its own.