Your Smartest Choices for the Perfect Dresses for You

Choosing the iltapuku is not an easy task. And in order not to be completely confused, from a variety of models presented in stores and shops, it is necessary to choose several dresses that will be combined with the type of female figure.

Types of figures and their combination with dresses:

  1. “Hourglass” – visually equal shoulders and hips, narrow waist. This type of shape is perfect. Among the abundance of models of evening dress, you can safely choose the one that most attracts with its appearance. Lost in the choice is recommended to try on a dress “mermaid”. It will favorably emphasize all the bends, highlight all the advantages, tightly fitting the figure from the line of the breasts to the knees.
  2. “Pear” – narrow shoulders, wide butt. A dress with a light top and a “boat” neckline will maximally attract attention to the elegant lines of the neck of the chest, moderately voluminous, but not too wide, dark, or a colorful skirt will hide the fullness of the hips.
  3. “Inverted triangle” – broad shoulders, narrow hips. A dress with a minimal bodice decor, and the most accentuating lower part will suit (here the length and size of the skirt is determined by the taste and mood). Sleeves-lanterns that further extend shoulders are strictly prohibited.
  4. A rectangular sports figure requires an outfit in which you can emphasize the waistline and hips. In this case, corset lacing is ideal. The unspoken rule is to use a minimum of jewelry for a few lush ladies.
  5. Any type of figure will suit the dress to the floor. Properly placed accents with color and accessories will highlight the merits and hide flaws.
  6. Young ladies are not worth paying attention to dresses with a closed neck. It is better to open your arms and shoulders, thus stretching your silhouette a little.
  7. Chest worth watching the depth of the cut in a dress. Big breasts will look more attractive if you hide them from the eyes of others.

Having come to the store, it is worth remembering that it is not the customer who chooses the dress, but the dress chooses it.

Successful shopping

And indeed, every year more and more girls of different ages and material wealth come to our salons. The main desire that moves them: without much effort (as soon as possible) to pick up an evening dress. In our article we will give 10 tips that you need to take into account when choosing a rental evening dresses.

We select the image

To begin with, each girl needs to decide what impression she wants to make on the guests of the evening and based on this, select the appropriate style of clothing and tanssikengät. It can be a bright extravagant image in red shades, it can be a classic rigorous image, a romantic one – in soft pink shades or sexy, which will emphasize all the advantages of your figure. In any case, the main thing is not what dress you choose, but how you will feel yourself in it.