What is a Professional Dental Cleaning?

There are two basic types of teeth cleaning according to the dentist in brampton. Depending on the condition of the teeth, the dentist will decide what kind of cleansing is best for you.

Regular teeth cleaning are a special treatment that is used to remove dental calculus and bacterial plaques (dental plaque), using special dental instruments, which we cannot clean ourselves with brushes alone.

In addition, pigmentations are removed on the teeth and used special tooth polish paste, and at the very end teeth are coated with fluorine that strengthens the tooth enamel.

The duration of regular cleaning depends on the instruments used by the dentist. In the case of hand instruments, the treatment lasts about two hours, and if it is done with ultrasonic instruments and sandblasting (mineral salts), it takes about an hour.
Deep teeth cleaning is a bit more demanding dentist treatment if he noticed some of the following signs:

Bleeding of the gums
Red swollen gums
The stone has created small pockets between teeth and gums that contain dangerous bacteria
The gums are slowly pulling away from the teeth
The teeth are clammy
Bad breath despite regular washing and rinsing

The dentist then starts removing the plaque and toxin underneath the line of the right and scraping the stones. If you are disturbed or feel uncomfortable, it is possible to seek local anesthesia.

After that, you just have to go the same steps as for regular clean teeth. Depending on the condition in which your teeth are, this treatment will have to be repeated.

Creating a treatment plan

The last thing you can expect at the first visit to the dentist is a treatment plan. Namely, the dentist will give you individual instructions for proper oral hygiene and arrange the next visit if necessary.
Some of the common treatment plans include instructions such as:

Wash your teeth three times a day and after each meal
Use of the dental floss and mouthwash
For sensitive teeth use a special toothpaste that strengthens the tooth enamel
If you have problems with dental bleeding, watch your teeth and balance your diet (consume more vitamin C and calcium).

It is all up to you, make sure that you follow these guidelines and check regularly for your smile to be beautiful and brilliant.

Schedule a check on time. The dentist knows best what happens if you do not visit them for too long. That is why they have created a pleasant environment, which focuses on the patient and their oral health.

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