Neurological disorders in pregnancy should be handled carefully

Pregnancy is a complicated condition because a woman’s mental and physical health goes through a lot of changes during this time.

Physical changes and problems are easily handled by the gynaecologists but there are some mental unrest as well that one faces during this time and mothers often try to ignore it. But doing that is definitely not a good idea. If one is facing too much of mood swings and other problems then they might are facing from neurological disorders in pregnancy.

It is said that all women who have the capacity to bear the child should intake a proper dosage of folic acid in a regular basis. If there is a neural tube defect in a woman’s body previously then they must go for a proper surveillance when they are thinking of getting pregnant. This surveillance should definitely include a proper consultation with a geneticist and there should be a foetal ultrasonography so that the doctor can assess the cranium and the foetal spine. Also the doctor may increase the dosage of the folic acid than it is normally advised to a regular woman.

If someone’s food habit is strictly vegetarian then they should be very much aware of the risks of vitamin deficiency; especially vitamin B 12. So then might needs to take vitamin supplements as well to check the intake levels.

Women planning to become pregnant should avoid all alcohol consumption, smoking, and use of illegal drugs like cocaine before and during the tenure of pregnancy, because these habits may cause some serious effects on the foetus. It is also advisable for the doctor to review all medications and supplements the woman is taking to see whether they are having a healthy pregnancy or not.

Any woman who already has an existing neurological condition should always consult her obstetrician and her neurologist before she tries to become pregnant. During this period, they has to be advised about all the possible risks associated with the special condition during pregnancy and about the possible negative effects that may she can have due to the medications.

If she is already pregnant and have not yet consulted the obstetrician yet they should immediately do that. This is needed so that the possible risks that might happen can be avoided.

There are controlled human studies that often show no risk in treatments. In case of drug treatments the physicians use drug dosage very carefully when the woman is pregnant with a child.

In case of breast feeding woman the drug dosage for neurological disorders also has to be prescribed very carefully because the infant might get affected by the medicine and this might not be a good thing.

One thus has to be very careful when they are conceiving with a baby because disorders if left untreated can be very harmful. In some cases one can also face neurological disorders after pregnancy and that is not also to be mishandled in any way. One should immediately consult a doctor for proper treatment.