What Are the Different Types of Wine?

Wine is a staple that many cannot do without. Whether it is for celebration or relaxation there is nothing like that perfect glass of wine.

Maybe you have a personal favorite that you stick to and are wondering about the different types of wine available. There is a lot of good wine out there and if you are ready to explore you are sure to find several that can satisfy your tastebuds.

Here is a look at the best wines available so you can begin to explore your options.

What are the Different Types of Wine?

There are five main types of wine. These are red wine, white wine, rose, sparkling, and fortified wines. Red wines have a dark fruit flavor that goes well with food. It can also be used to make weed wine.

White wines are a lot more refreshing than red wines. They tend to be tart to the taste and aromatic. There are hints of citrus, flower, and even orchard fruits that can be tasted in white wines. White wines are usually lighter in alcohol.

Rose, sparkling and fortified wines. Rose wine is usually drunk during the summer, sparkling wine is reserved for special events and fortified wines are used when there is a large gathering for a meal.

Red Wine Variations

There are many variations of red wine. The most famous blend of red wine is Bordeaux. This is a French wine.

There is Chianti which is made in central Italy and Primitivo which is from southern Italy. Rioja is a Spanish blended red wine.

The final type of red wine is Beaujolais. It is a fun and fruity red wine.

White Wine Variations

White wine is made from skinned grapes. These grapes are usually green. There are different varieties of white wine.

Pinot Grigio is a white wine that can be both citrusy in taste and sweet. There is also Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and the very popular Chardonnay. Chardonnay is popular because it has low acidity and this makes it easy to enjoy.

Rose, Sparkling and Fortified Wines

Rose wine is made from red grapes. The grapes skins are removed from the must. They go through a 24 hour period of maceration.

Sparkling wines can be red, rose-colored, or white. They can be made from many different types of grapes.

Fortified wines are made when distilled grape spirit is added to wine that has been partially or fully fermented.

Let the Tasting Begin

Now that you know all the different types of wines you may want to go on a taste test. Try out all the different types that are available to decide which one is the best.

It may be that you like most or all of them. If you do then you can start planning how best you can enjoy the different varieties of red and white wines, since these can go with a variety of meals.

You can also try the rose, sparkling, and fortified wines with different meals as well. If you would like meal preparation ideas please go to the food section of the website.