6 Interesting Facts About Red Wine

When it comes to excellence, red wine is by far the beverage of choice for many.

Whether you’re new to the world of wine or you consider yourself a true aficionado, there’s always something new to learn.

Read on for a list of interesting facts about red wine that’ll help you expand your vino-loving horizons.

1. Red Wine is Full of Antioxidants

Most people know that drinking too much alcohol is unhealthy, but not drinking red wine at all is actually worse for you than if you were to imbibe in a small amount each day. That’s because red wine is chock full of antioxidants, a compound that fights cell-damaging free radicals.

2. Tannin is the Secret Ingredient

If you’re wondering why red wine is considered healthy, it’s because this beverage contains a substance called tannin, which is rich in something called polyphenols. Foods like chocolate and green tea also contain tannin, and it’s known to help prevent things like heart disease and high cholesterol.

3. Facts About Red Wine: The Right Way to Drink It

There’s a reason why wine glasses have tall, slender stems other than for looks. When you drink red wine (or any type of wine), always hold your glass by the stem so that the body heat from your hand doesn’t affect the wine. When wine is exposed to heat, it can change the taste and make it bitter!

4. Red Wine Gets Lighter as It Ages

More interesting facts about red wine: while aged or older red wine tends to be more flavorful and holds more value, it can also alter the color of your wine. As the bottle of wine sits in the cellar, it slowly gets lighter in color over time, so you may notice that vintage reds seem to be closer to pink than deep red.

5. All the Aromas Come Directly From Grapes

Even if your favorite bottle of red has a deep, complex aroma, all of those scents you detect come solely from the grapes the wine is made from. As the grapes ferment, they produce a rich and complex fragrance which is why the type of grapes used to make different wines have a big impact on their taste and smell.

6. The Color Comes from the Grape’s Skin

That gorgeous deep red comes from a pigment found in the skin of red grapes called anthocyanin. When the grape skins are soaked in juice, its compound is released and helps to create the wine’s deep, rich color. Different types of red grapes produce a wide range of pigments to make various red wines interesting and unique.

Enjoy Your Vino

Now that you know some unique facts about red wine, you can enjoy your next glass even more. From the flavor and color to the health benefits, there’s always something new to learn about this amazing drink.

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