Comprehensive Guide for Planning a Wedding in Just 90 Days

Planning a wedding is not only time-consuming but also a stressful task to deal with. Especially when you get a little time for planning everything, the job becomes even harder. But short timers (with 3 months in hand) can still have a great wedding. In the section below we will take you through a comprehensive guide that will help you to plan a wedding within 3 months.

Things to Do when 90 Days Left

  • In the first step of the journey, you need to set your budget and prepare the guest list. Meanwhile, you also need to decide the style of the wedding. When making the budget of your marriage you have to be realistic. The style and the number of guests will directly influence the overall cost of the wedding.
  • Set a date for the reception and find a hall (site) according to convenience that will come in your budget.
  • Start sending invitations. You can do it in many different ways as you like. So mail them, call them or meet them in person, just make sure all of your guests are invited.
  • Finding a wedding dress has always been a major concern for wedding couples. So, you should also deal with it as early as possible.

Things to Do when 75 Days Left

  • During the season time, hair and makeup artists get extremely busy. So, you should not also delay when hiring one.
  • The same rule is also applicable when it comes to reception band or DJ. So, also book one at your earliest convenience.
  • Videographer and photographer also play an important role in the wedding. In fact, they are the one who will capture the most exciting moments and footages of your wedding. It is always suggested to hire a professional videographer in Brisbane, as well as in the other Australian cities according to your preference if you want to make a documentary style video of your marriage.

Things to Do when 60 Days Left

  • Shop wedding rings and other important things.
  • Decide your honeymoon destination and book flight tickets and hotel rooms accordingly.

Things to Do when 45 Days Left

  • Fix a meeting with all of your wedding vendors (such as reception manager, caterer, electrician, flower supplier) to finalize the plan with each of them
  • Contact with your guests once again and note their status.

Things to Do when 30 Days Left

  • Shop for your marriage and honeymoon
  • Buy gifts for your guests, parents and most importantly for your partner

Things to Do when 7 Days Left

  • Create a comprehensive contact list that will contain the phone number of everyone including your guests and vendors. Make sure someone who is very close to you has access to that list.
  • This is also the best time for applying for your marriage license with your spouse. So, don’t also keep it hanging.
  • Distribute the jobs among your friends, family members and neighbours for the wedding.

Get Married

By following the comprehensive guide mentioned above, you will successfully reach to your wedding day. Hope this post will help you to plan your marriage in just 3 months.

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