Vijaya Boggala Highlights The Popular Styles and Genres Of Photography

Photography is an activity that is enjoyed by numerous people across the planet.  While some engage in it as a hobby, for many photography is their career and passion.

Vijaya Boggala is among the people who enjoy this activity as a pastime. He majorly specializes in action photography, slow shutter speed photography, and landscape photography. His involvement with photography as a hobby has provided him with considerable insight about this domain.  Boggala mentions that while most of the photographers tend to specialize in one or two distinguished types of photography, they often experiment with various other styles to augment their skill set.

While majority of people are aware of the basic elements of photography and even engage in the activity once in a while, not everyone knows about the diverse styles involved in it. Only people who are passionate about this activity and have a certain level of expertise, like Vijaya Boggala, have knowledge about the distinguished styles involved in photography. It, however, can be useful for everyone to know and understand the distinguished types of photography and genres practiced today, as they may never know when this information can help them in the future.

Here are some of the most prominent photography styles, as underlined by Vijaya Boggala:

  • Portrait Photography: This style is aimed at capturing the mood or personality of an individual, or at times even a group.  Portrait photographs can be both posed and candid, and usually, the eyes and the face of the subject tend to be in focus in such imagines. The backdrop and lighting of these photos additionally aid in conveying emotion and tone.  The most common types of portrait photographs are engagement photos, family portraits, senior portraits, as well as professional headshots.
  • Landscape Photography: This style is often referred to as scenic or environmental photography. Landscape photographs typically involve images of any natural scene that attracts and charms the viewers. While mostly these scenes are grand and large, in certain cases, they can be smaller and more intimate as well. This genre of photography has given rise to multiple sub-genres, such as seascapes and storm photography.
  • Wildlife photography: This is among the most intense, but a rewarding genre of photography. In the opinion of Vijaya Boggala there are many professionals involved in it who even spend hours or days in waiting for an animal to wander into the perfect spot. He also mentions that people who do not want to engage in wildlife photography professionally can even practice it in their backyard, as animals can be found almost anywhere.
  • Architectural Photography: In the genre of architectural photography, both interior and exterior designs of buildings and structures are used as subjects. This style encompasses numerous types of structures, right from warehouses and rustic churches to city bridges to old country barns.  In most cases, the most aesthetically pleasing aspects of a structure, such as a particular beam or archway, are showcased through this photography style.

As per Vijaya Boggala in addition to the ones mentioned above, there are several other types and styles of photography, whose details can easily be found on the web.