Gia Walsh Bronxville Discusses The Importance Of Producing Movies

Movies are among the most important and popular types of art forms. In addition to entertaining people, movies can also inspire, encourage positive attitudes, showcase the evils of the society, and so on. Hence, producing movies should always be encouraged.

Gia Walsh Bronxville is among the numerous people from whom people can take inspiration about making movies. She is an Independent Film producer and co-founder and partner of Gigi Films. Over the years, she has produced many outstanding movies, including the Winning Season that starred renowned actors like Sam Rockwell, Rooney Mara and Emma Roberts. This movie went on to be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 and was acquired by LIONSGATE.

Making films, especially the ones that matter and have a message is quite important. These movies help people to express their deepest-held beliefs, with the hope that they would be able to have a positive impact on the life of other people in a positive manner. However, making movies is not simple. They need financial backing, and it is here that the producers come in. Producers like Gia Walsh Bronxville provide a much needed financial crutch to the movies, so that it is made in a manner that the storyline deserves.  In addition to the Winning Season, she also has produced the movie the Art of Getting By, which starred incredible actors like Emma Roberts, Freddy Highmore and Rita Wilson. This movie was also selected at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 and acquired by Fox Searchlight. This movie was majorly a coming-of-age romantic comedy.  Another major movie produced by Gia Walsh Bronxville is Burn Country starring James Franco, Melissa Leo and Rachel Brosnahan, This movie premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival and was bought by the Samuel Goldwyn Films and Orion Pictures. The film 11:55 starring John Leguizamo and Julia Stiles  was also produced by her, and it in fact made its debut at the 2016 LA Film Festival and was acquired by Gravitas Ventures.

A lot of the movies chosen by Gia Walsh Bronxville to invest her money on was based on the fact that it enabled the writers to express, explore, or examine the ideas that interested them, as well as their personal struggles and beliefs on a microcosmic level. While many people believe that making good movies with a strong subject would involve creating esoteric art films or preachy documentaries, so is not the case.  People need not produce too heavy and arty movies to showcase their perspective.  Even movies having simplistic concepts and engaging content has be strong in their story sense.

Gia Walsh Bronxville additionally has mostly chosen to produce movies with a strong cast, which is a highly crucial aspect. The casting of a movie is among the key factors that drives people to the multiplexes. Hence, for the movie to work, the casting has to be good. All producers must try to invest in movies with a prominent cast.