When to Worry about Nosebleeds and See an ENT Doctor

You may wonder when to be concerned about having nosebleeds and when to see an ENT Doctor?

Why Does Bleeding From Your Nose Occur?

Blood coming from your nose occurs when the bleeding is coming from the front of your nose and another form of a bleed called “posterior nosebleeds” occurs when the bleeding creates further back in the nose.

A variety of bleeds are in the front part of the nose, where a wall separates the two sides of the nose. The barrier has blood vessels that can damage for a few reasons. Blood vessels are damaged, causing bleeds when someone may tend to pick their nose very harshly or even when they may blow their nose hard that can cause the vessels to tear.

If you live in an area where winter is dry, or you may live in an arid climate like Arizona, your nose can bleed. People need to be aware when using electric heaters in the winter months will cause your nose to be very dry.

You Should Know When To Worry About Nosebleeds

The truth is that many people will experience bleeding from their noses due to several everyday situations. The bleeding will stop just after several minutes when someone applies simple methods. However, when the nose starts bleeding frequently or in a severe case, it is time to be concerned. Before any worry, first try to stop or cut back the nose from bleeding by having the individual using a damp, cool washcloth by tilting their head back while squeezing the soft part of their nose for a few minutes. You should know when to worry about bleeding from the nose when it comes unannounced, especially when there is no visible injury to it.

It is essential to look for these signs to be concerned when your nose is bleeding:

  • Do not stop bleeding after applying hard pressure on your nose when it is tilted upwards and if it continues to bleed for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • If you feel tired or dizzy, it is hard to breathe, or a terrible headache.
  • No symptoms that are related to a sinus infection
  • If a small object is stuck up one nostril that is hard to remove

When It Is Time To See An ENT Doctor

You will want to visit an ENT doctor for bleeding when it gets bad. Typical situations are everyday stress, weather conditions depending on where they live, and harmful sinus infections, which can cause regular bleeds.

Be sure to discuss everything you may be currently going through when seeing An ENT doctor if you have:

  • Allergies
  • Sinus Infection
  • You have a dry nose
  • The face has any trauma
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Medications you may be taking

An ENT will look at any issues you will give them, and they can aid in treating your condition to help stop your nose from bleeding. In emergencies, people need to go to the emergency room for nosebleeds when the nose does not stop bleeding.

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