This Is How to Resign From a Job Gracefully

If you were recently hired for a new job and want to leave your current job or simply want to seek other opportunities, you need to know how to leave gracefully.

This is an issue that many people struggle with, as they don’t want to leave on a bad note. It’s never great to quit your job and not show up the following day—this is not appropriate.

If you need to quit your job, this guide will show you how to resign from a job and leave on a good note with your employer.

Give Ample Notice

You have probably heard about the crazy stories of employees who quit on the spot and walk out the door of their workplace like if there is no issue. This is something you shouldn’t do as it’s not only inappropriate, but unprofessional as well. If you have to resign from your job, you want to make sure to give two weeks’ notice.

You want to make sure that you give two weeks’ notice so that your employer has time to process any paperwork you may need to sign before you leave. Keep in mind that some employers require their employees to undergo an exit interview.

Giving two weeks’ notice also gives your employer time to find your replacement or do what needs to be done to make sure that your position is filled. Two weeks’ notice is the standard notice time to give an employer.

Put Your Resignation in Writing

If you want to resign from a job, you will need to write a resignation letter. You will give this letter to your immediate supervisor(s). In some cases, you may also have to provide a copy of this letter to the human resources department.

The resignation letter will briefly discuss your last date of employment at work and a short explanation informing why you are choosing to resign. You will also need to express your gratitude with a few sentences as a way of thanking your supervisor and the organization for the opportunities you earned.

Resign With an Email

Writing a resignation letter isn’t enough. It is also appropriate to send an email to your supervisor informing him or her of your resignation. This has to be the perfect farewell email.

The perfect farewell email contains important information. It states your last date is and will also state some of your work-related activities and accomplishments achieved during your tenure.

The latter part of the email will contain a brief note of gratitude to all those persons who work with you, especially your supervisor. Make it short and sweet. For your information, this is a great time to gracefully ask your supervisor for a reference.

Request an Exit Interview

Some organizations have a policy that requires outgoing employees to undergo an exit interview. An exit interview is often facilitated by a supervisor or personnel from the human resources department.

If your organization has no such policy, consider requesting an exit interview. Remember, you’re goal is to go out with a good impression and to show your organization that you were able to take away something from your job – whether new skills, more knowledge, or simply getting the opportunity to work with a great group of colleagues.

Consider leaving behind feedback to the organization. The organization can use the feedback you provide in the exit interview to help the next person fulfill your role in the organization.

Offer to Train Your Replacement

In the two weeks you have left, there is ample time to train your replacement, provided that your replacement has already been found. Chances are your supervisor would rather you train your replacement.

Offer valuable feedback and encourage the person to ask questions. Show your replacement the ropes. You can win points and recognition on your way out.

Make Sure to Wrap up Your Work

Remember there was a mention about not quitting your job all of a sudden? After giving your resignation, make sure that you leave no work undone.

Make sure you complete any projects that you have to complete. For two more weeks, you are still an employee of the organization so don’t even think about leaving any loose ends.

Resignation Dos and Don’ts

The tips in this guide are your “Dos”. These tips will ensure you resign with the utmost grace. One thing you should never do is to be negative. Don’t talk bad about any coworkers and your boss as the word can get around and you’ll look like a bad person.

Don’t brag about your new job. No one likes a bragger, so try to refrain from doing so. If you did not like the job or experienced work-related issues, go out the door with your head held high.

How to Resign From a Job and Say Goodbye With Grace

If you are planning to quit, you need to know how to resign from a job with grace and humility.

It’s better to go out on a positive note, as you never know if you may need to return in the future or need a reference from your former supervisor.

Make sure you offer to help, especially if there is a need to train your replacement or if there is still work to complete. Don’t leave unfinished work for your employer to handle in your absence.

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