The Different Types of RC Cars Explained

Remote control cars came about in the mid-1960s. Since their conception, they have been a staple of fun in the worlds of childhood and adult leisure. There are several different types of RC cars.

If you are thinking of buying a toy for your child or are considering taking up a new hobby, learning about the different types of RC cars is important. This guide will give you all the information you need when buying an RC car.

Fuel Source

RC cars have a couple of different types of power sources. These power sources make up two main categories. The first is battery-powered RC cars. These types of RC cars use electricity to charge a battery-unit housed within the car.

The batteries are either chargeable or disposable. Chargeable batteries such as lithium-ion batteries are sometimes housed within the car and removed. They are then hooked up to an external charging platform during the recharging process.

Sometimes rechargeable batteries are non-removable. In this case, the RC car recharges via a power cord.

Some battery-powered RC cars use disposable batteries such as AA or D-Cell batteries. These devices often require a substantial amount of batteries to function at peak performance

The other category of RC cars is combustion engine RC cars. These are often referred to as “Nitro Cars” and can use gasoline, methanol, Nitro-mix, or other forms of combustible liquid as a power source.

Types of RC Cars

There is much more that goes into an RC car than its fuel source. There are many different styles and varieties of RC cars, each serving its own specific function or mixture of functions.

Touring cars, for instance, are designed for use on pavement. They are lightweight and agile machines. Racers are designed for top speeds and dynamic maneuvers. Other RC cars are designed after classic cars or after cultural automobile icons.

Off-road-oriented RC cars include buggies, crawlers, and trucks. Each of these has its own specific off-road capabilities and advantages. Size also plays a huge role in your RC car’s capabilities.

Bashers are a new, functional, and affordable type of RC that combines many of the traditional elements of RC’s with an added twist. These types of RC cars are used in a freestyle demolition-derby style game. Here is some more info about bashers.

There are countless types and styles of RC cars. That’s part of the reason why collecting them is such a fun and never-ending hobby. RC’s are available for every price level and degree of quality.

Start Your RC Journey

Radio-controlled cars are versatile machines that bring joy to their fans. Driving an RC car is sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you use it. With all of the different types of RC cars available to the consumer, one is sure to be right for you.

Go get yourself an RC car today and start your RC journey! For all of your other news and information make sure to check out the rest of our blog.