5 Types of T-Shirts Men should Absolutely Own

A guy can do without many things, but a t-shirt is definitely not among them and for good reason too. After all, it is versatile and suits every guy, no matter what your body shape or build up and you can comfortably live in it for the rest of your life without any complaints. T-shirts for men come in various styles but here are five of the ones you simply have to own.

The V-Neck or Scoop Neck Style-

The v-neck t-shirt is basically a classic tee that comes with a wider neckline. This t-shirt looks great on guys who are fitness freaks, those who are more on the muscular side or have short necks. It is ideal for formal as well as casual occasions. Style this with your favorite pair of bottoms and as long as you do not go too low with the neck, you are good to go.

The Henley Style-

The Henley t-shirt comes with a buttoned up neckline and helps you flaunt your chest in the most desirable way possible. It is perfect for semi-formal occasions and strikes a good balance between the polo and basic crew neck. Pair these kind of designer t-shirts with khakis, denims or chinos and be sure to keep just the top button casually unbuttoned. Going lower than that is a major turn off.

The Crew Neck Style-

If you love all things classic, the crew neck t-shirt is a prerequisite. Its narrow neck opening helps it blend with the style of every guy although hit looks great on men with small chests, shoulders and torsos. This is because it works to create a boxier shape. Get the fit right and you can seamlessly wear it all on its own or with a button up.

Printed T-shirts-

Printed t-shirts in vertical or horizontal stripes are trending today and are adaptable enough to suit every occasion. These tees when paired with denims or well structured trousers are sure to help you classy and stylish. For a unique look, opt for graphic t-shirts that come in cool digital prints and geometric designs. As long as you stay away from the t-shirts that are plain offensive and juvenile, you can ace this look with ease.

Polo T-shirts-

For a more polished look, polo t-shirts work like a charm. They give you a matured, more refined look and you can wear them to any event whether you want to chill out with friends or run a few errands. If you have a lean body frame, wearing these tees help you give you a fuller body silhouette. You can pair this with bottoms of your choice and sprint out to wherever you are headed to effortlessly.

Besides these five major t-shirts, you can also go in for hooded, pocket and solid or plain t-shirts. These pieces of clothing are definitely rocking the fashion charts today. The long line fit t-shirt, where the hem of your t-shirt sits lower on the body than a regular fitted t-shirt, is also immensely popular. Be sure to have colors such as black, white, navy, grey t-shirts handy since they blend well with any bottom wear.

So there you go. Now that you know the five happiness styles of t-shirts you simply must have in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and experiment a bit. You are sure to take your style game to an all new level.