7 Facts About Cars for the Newly-Minted Auto Enthusiast

There are over 300 brands of cars sold worldwide. That’s more than enough diversity to keep any car buff entertained for a lifetime. If you are a new auto enthusiast the following fun facts about cars will add to your overall wealth of knowledge!

1. The Inventor of the First Car Is Hotly Debated

According to the Library of Congress, the first automobile designs were credited to Leonardo da Vinci in the early 15th century. However, Karl Friedrich Benz patented the first modern gasoline car in 1885.

Between these two milestones, everything from steam-powered cars to electric cars existed. The inventor of the “first car” has a lot to do with what your definition of a “car” is.

2. Best Selling Car in History

The best-selling car of all time judged by total volume sold is the Toyota Corolla. There have been somewhere in the area of 40 million Corollas sold worldwide. That’s a lot of Toyotas on the road!

3. Fastest Car in the World

The fastest car in the world is the SSC Tuatara with a top recorded speed of 316 miles per hour. Due to video editing mistakes, this top speed is debated in the car buff world.

If the SSC Tuatara is indeed an imposter on the throne, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport takes the cake and moves up a peg from runner-up with a top speed of 304 miles per hour.

4. There Are Many Types of Car Braking Systems

There are over 4 common forms of car braking systems, and many more non-conventional methods being devised every day. This includes hydraulic braking, electromagnetic braking, servo braking, and mechanical braking systems.

5. Generic Car Horns Beep as a Certain Note

Most car horns in the United States beep as the note “F”. This is a contentious topic amongst car buffs, however, as the note that horns beep in has changed over time, and will likely change again.

Learning what note a classic car’s horn makes can be one of the interesting facts about old cars to discover. There is no standardization, so get your tuner and go check it out!

6. The U.S.A. Has the Most Cars

There are over 300 million cars on the road in the United States. This makes us the undisputed king of the automobile. China pales in comparison with a mere 78 million.

7. There Are Over 700,000 Cars Stolen Each Year

The FBI recorded 721,053 car thefts in 2012 alone. This boils down to about 1 car theft every 45 seconds. Lock your doors, no matter what kind of car you have or where you park it. That way you can avoid becoming another statistic.

Facts About Cars Are Fascinating

These seven bits of knowledge are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to facts about cars. As a budding car buff, you will be sure to learn more as your passion for the automobile grows.

The more you know about cars, the more fun you will have driving them. For all of your other news and information make sure to check out the rest of our blog!