How To Create Your Custom DIY Vape E Liquid

Making your own vape e liquid is much better than buying one from the store, but where do you start?

Over the past several years, vaping has become a mainstream hobby that many people do. Vaping offers a plethora of benefits and it doesn’t take much to get into. One of its benefits is the thousands of flavors that you can choose from, which leaves many people wondering how they can make their own.

Fortunately, making vape e-liquid doesn’t take long. When you have the best vape pen for e-liquid, you can vape any juice that you make. You’ll just need to know what ingredients you need so that you can start as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to create your custom DIY vape e-liquid!

Decide Which Flavor to Use

Making vape e-liquid isn’t a difficult process, but you need to start by figuring out which kind of flavor you’ll use. This is something that many people overlook, but it’s very important, especially if you’re using vapes to quit smoking. You’ll need a flavor that you can keep using so that you can reap the benefits of vaping.

Some of the most common flavors that people use are fruits because they’re easy to get. However, you can combine different flavors to come up with a variety of unique tastes. You can even make something like a soda-flavored vape juice.

Providing that you choose a flavor you enjoy, you shouldn’t have a problem vaping. If you’re someone that’s never vaped before, go for something simple so that you can get a feel of what it’s like to vape.

Go to a Vape Shop

After choosing a flavor, you should go to a vape shop as quickly as possible. Most vape shops will have all the ingredients that you need for DIY vape e-liquid, and you can learn a lot about vaping by talking to the employees.

Vape juices are made with 4 main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, CBD, and flavoring. When combining these, you’ll get a juice that can easily be vaped. Using only these ingredients will ensure that you don’t make a juice that could cause health problems.

When visiting the store, talk to an employee and tell them you’d like to make vape e-liquid. If they know a lot about DIY projects, they may recommend you a few vape e-liquid recipes based on the products they sell.

When it comes to mixing e liquid, you’ll just need to get a bottle for everything. Vape shops sell DIY kits that you can use, often coming with syringes and scales. Try to get one of these because it will make the measuring process simple.

Use the Right Flavorings

While many people think they can get any type of flavoring they’d like, this isn’t the case when making vape juice. An e-liquid vape pen will only take light liquids, so you cannot use thick flavoring, or else you won’t be able to vape.

Thick vape juices can also cause lung problems because oil-based flavorings are used for ingestion. If you manage to vape thick juices, your lungs will start getting caked in chemicals.

When you’re at the vape shop, look for non-oil based flavorings. They should be food-grade, ensuring that they can be consumed, but not thick.

If you buy DIY kits, they may come with basic flavors that you can use. You can also make custom flavors, but you’ll need to look into which ingredients are used.

Choose a CBD Dosage

Because CBD is common in vape e-juices, you’ll need to choose a dosage before buying and mixing the ingredients. CBD doesn’t get you high, so you can choose any amount to use in your vape e-liquid. If you’re someone that enjoys using CBD because it helps relieve things like pain and stress, you should use a higher dosage.

You can talk to someone about why you’re trying to make vape e-liquid, then they’ll help you choose a dosage that will suit you.

If you want to add different ingredients into your vape e-liquid, such as nicotine, you can also buy that at the vape store. However, adding nicotine will increase the likelihood that you get addicted to vape juice whereas CBD can help you quit nicotine addiction.

Test Your Vape E Liquid

The last step in the entire process is testing your vape e-liquid. Using an e-liquid vape pen, you can place the e-liquid inside the device and turn it on. From there, you should be able to vape it just like you would with any other liquid.

If you produce large clouds when vaping the e-liquid, you can tell it was made properly. It’s best to make several batches of e-liquid so that you can test all of them and figure out which one was made best. Doing that lets you know to make the next batch the same way.

Start Making Vape E Liquid Today

Providing that you go through all of these steps, you shouldn’t have a problem making vape e liquid. Anyone that vapes should consider making their own vape juices because of all the benefits that DIY e-liquid provides. Whether you’re looking to save money or have a custom flavor, making e-liquid lets you do both.

Ensure that you find a decent vape shop in your area to get all of your products from. If you don’t have one near you, look online. You shouldn’t have to go to several stores to get everything you need.

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